Promo Duration: June 1-August 1, 2012
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Only registered members are qualified to join this promo.
  2. Submit photo reviews of a restaurant with the following requirements:

  3. Check on the Promo Box below the review form to submit it as your entry for the promo.
  4. Reviews must be original. No plagiarism.
  5. Reviews on the following types of restaurants or food establishments are not qualified for the promo:
    1. Fast Food Chains
    2. Food Stalls and Food Carts
    3. Food Court
  6. Reviewing branches of the same restaurant is not allowed.
  7. No duplicating of reviews. Reviewing the same restaurant but using different photos and content is not allowed.
  8. No duplicating of photos. Photos used in one review must not be used in other reviews.
    1. Photos copied from other websites or blogs are not acceptable.
    2. All photos must be in landscape format
    3. All photos must be clear and related to the review. The shots of the food must be attractive.
    4. Entries with no photos are not qualified for the promo.
  9. Entries with vulgar or too offensive words are not qualified for the promo.
  10. Each number of review corresponds to a certain prize (see Prizes to Grab). The more you reviews submitted, the bigger the prizes that can be redeemed. First to reach minimum required reviews gets priority for redeeming prizes.