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This is limchris . I am a noneI like to hang out in Santolan, Banawe. Japanese, Italian, Multi-national, Indian are my favorite cuisines. I also love and Pasta.
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limchris  Level 2
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I love exciting food. Now my taste buds prefer Indian ang Japanese cuisines
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Hong Kong Chef  Smile  2011-04-12
This was a Baptism celebration in Hong Kong Chef in Macapagal. Only s few people know this Chinese restaurant but I Highly recommend it to all. The food is mouth watering and you can choose from the vast menu all served hot and...

The EL BUONO PIZZA  Smile  2011-04-12
smileI have never seen a pizza this size. I've heard this from one of my office mates and when we passed by Makati Square, we decided to buy one. The largest size pizza is 36 inches and this size won't fit our vehicle. Maybe if you pl...

Marta's cakes is so cool. My two daughters went in to check out the cakes. And Jodie my youngest daughter was so curious since she wants to design a cupcake for her sister who's celebrating her birthday. The place is cool, cakes ...
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Baptism of our grandchild in Hong Kong Chef
Baptism of our grandchi..
El Buono Pizza
El Buono Pizza
El Buono Pizza
El Buono Pizza
El Buono Pizza
El Buono Pizza
Marta's cupcake
Marta's cupcake
Marta's cupcake
Marta's cupcake
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