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With so many cafés popping along the streets and avenues of Manila, it’s hard to...
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THREEVIA! Did you know that “Troika” comes from the Russian word which means “Gr...
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If you’re like me who loves to eat breakfast food anytime of the day, you’ll fin...
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What started as a bakeshop in the province of Nueva Ecija is now a great place t...
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The Philippines is a wonderland of great food, exquisite cuisine, and ingenious ...
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Carl and Chester Tan are not just cousins but something binds them both more tha...
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If you’re as clueless as me as to what the restaurant name means, let me shed so...
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Eleven branches and growing, Big Better Burgers is continuously on the rise and ...
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Advertisements play a big role in establishing brands and they help convey the m...
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What’s your favorite period in school? Recess! Everyone from Kindergarten, even ...
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With so many cafés popping along the streets and avenues of Manila, it’s hard to be different. In such a competitive industry, what can cafés offer customers that will keep them coming back for more? For us, it’s ultimately the overall offering of good food, good ambiance, and good service. And this is exactly what Caffe La Tea offers. A product of Cabanatuan city, Caffe La Tea’s owners Happy, Ermina, Ciarra, and Rona decided to bring their hometown’s specialties to Manila. Caffe La Tea has a total of 8 branches across the country. They have 2 branches in Cabanatuan where the café originated from, 1 in Pangasinan, 1 in Tarlac, 1 in Cagayan De Oro and 2 branches here in Manila. Caffe La Tea Congressional is fairly new opened just October of 2015. And their main mission here in Manila is to be the Cabanatuan pride. Jerro Santos, the café’s social media specialist tell u... More