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Region: Metro Manila Cebu Other Provinces
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Jeck's Bakeshop

Address: San Miguel HighWay Calasiao, Pangasinan, Pangasinan
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Overall Score: 5
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Other Information

Payment Method: Cash
Parking: Yes
Self-Service: Yes
Take-Out: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes

Gourmet Reviews

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MacoyPopoy (802 Review(s))

I so love the many products of Jech's Bakeshop and one of my favorites is their Camachille shaped/ finger shaped bread sticks. smile

The bread is very tasty. It lacks the yeast ingredient of the bread that is why it is very "siksik" smile

The place is located along San Miguel HighWay at Calasiao, Pangasinan.

They have lots of branches all over Pangasinan but the one in Calasiao is my favorite.

The staff and crew there are very polite to their customers and they always display new and freshly baked products.

You should also try their other products like pandelemon, ensaymada, egg pie and many many more. lol

Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean5   Price5

Delicious BreakfastSmile
spergie (113 Review(s))

When we are on our way going to Alaminos, Pangasinan, my Mom was so hungry because she didn't eat her breakfast and we are all mixed emotion because we all all excited and doesn't want to have any stop over, but we cannot just ignore Mom's growling stomach. So, my Dad had stop over in Jeck's Bake Shop and Restaurant. At first I thought it was just a food shop so decided to stay at the car but my Dad called me to join them for breakfast. They ordered Kare Kare and Tilapia. And it taste good, same taste with all well known Restaurant in town with reasonable price. And also we bought three Tasty Bread from their food shop and it is also taste like bread from well known establishment that we usually seen on television commercial.

Date of visit: 2011-11-18
Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean5   Price5

Cheese Macapuno PieSmile
Chaowarma (942 Review(s))

I have always wanted to go back to Jeck's Bakeshop in San Miguel HighWay Calasiao, Pangasinan because I heard good things about it from my friends living in that area! I ordered their Cheese Macapuno Pie and it was very tempting and delectable. What I like most is their good sets of breads, pies and pastries and also their place is neat and clean because it is well managed by the owners, supervisors, staff and crew! I will definitely go back to Jeck's Bakeshop in San Miguel HighWay Calasiao, Pangasinan and try the other dishes in their menu like the pan de graciosa because I heard it is the best.

Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean5   Price5

Chaowarma (942 Review(s))

We enjoyed dining at Jech Foodshop and Restaurant/ Bakeshop in San Miguel HighWay Calasiao, Pangasinan during my recent visit to my friends place. We ordered Lots of pastries that we will serve to our visitors later that night (Actually it was my friend's Tita Aileen's wake) sad . I especially loved their Macapuno Tart Cup cake and their Camachille shaped bread which is very soft and moist. I loved the texture and the taste of their pastries here also because they are all simply delicious. Aside from their excellent food, I commend this restaurant’s service because the staff and crew were all friendly and very accommodating to all of us. I recommend dining at Jech Foodshop and Restaurant/ Bakeshop in San Miguel HighWay Calasiao, Pangasinan.

Recommended Dish(es): Macapuno Tart,Camachille Bread
Spending per Head: ₱50
Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean5   Price5

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