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Purple Oven

Address: 63 St. Peter St., Pasig City, Oranbo
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Tel: 6314221 (Add to Contacts) | 9101363 (Add to Contacts)
Spending: ₱101 - ₱500
Overall Score: 4.4
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Other Information

Payment Method: Cash
Ala Carte/ Sit-down: Yes
Delivery: Yes16
Self-Service: Yes

Gourmet Reviews

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Purple OvenSmile
Iamnotaglutton (731 Review(s))

I have not tried Purple Oven yet.. but I often hear these pastry shop every time my friends get to chance to talk about foods.

My Friend, Pat grabbed me at their store located at the 63 St Peter Street, Oranbo in Pasig City.
When entering the place, i was overwhelmed to see different flavours of cake and I really enjoyed staying.

I liked their White Chocolate Sans Rival and Pistachio Stardust. But I would highly recommend for you to order their Honeycomb Crunch Cake and Rustic Chocolate Torte. You can order their delicious cakes at the price range of 600.00 php to 800.00 php and it is definitely worth it.

Purple Oven is surely a must-try!

Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean5   Price5

Best desssertSmile
pixiedust (392 Review(s))

My friend introduced me to this place a while back and since then, I have been constantly craving for the stuff at Purple Oven.

The place was small so it was better to have the goods for take out. As for my favorite one, I love the revel bars. They're not too sweet and they're moist in the middle. They're simply addicting and it's worth going to Pasig every time because they're really good.

Ratings :   Taste5   Environment3   Service4   Clean4   Price4

Lemon SquaresSmile
RACEA (892 Review(s))

Last year, my friend gave me a box of cookies as a present and I loved it. She said she bought it from Purple Oven. Since then, Purple Oven has been a usual route for me to visit whenever I pass by Pasig area.Aside from the cookies, one of my usual treat is their lemon squares. I love the softness of each bite giving me full flavor of lemon. Purple oven has been making sinful treats that everyone can share. I think it's also a best give you can share for christmas.

Date of visit: 2012-12-10
Ratings :   Taste4   Environment3   Service3   Clean3   Price3

Purple Oven!Smile
OREO14 (371 Review(s))

We bound to pasig to attend the birthday celebration of our friend Jason and we decided to buy something for a gift in Purple Oven at 63 St Peter Street, Oranbo, Pasig City. We ordered Oreo Cheesecake and it costed us Seven Hundred Eighty Pesos. The taste was so good and it was so yummy, this cake was so perfect and it will truly indulge you. This cake is so recommendable for birthday and special events for your special someone. This is a great deal already because of its home made taste and it was so delicately cooked to perfection. We experienced the bite of heaven with this cake. I will recommend this to my friends and relatives and let them experience the cakes and desserts that Purple Oven offers. My score to this Oreo Cheesecake is 10 out of 10 as in perfect score!

Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean5   Price5

Cakes For The Mighty Smile
TuristaTrails (14 Review(s))

I'm not one who's easily impressed when it comes to pastries and cakes. This is why I might have been brought up sampling lots of old Goldilocks and Red Ribbon cakes, but I still believe that the world can do better... at least here in Metro Manila.

When my brothers celebrated their birthday recently (they're identical twins), I opted for the cake brand that my college classmate introduced to me in jest 2 months ago -- Purple Oven. Since my old folks are privy to sugar, I had the attendant choose for me the Lemon Flavored cake that's good for old people's taste and health because it's low on sugar. The lemon zing are the young ones of course.

It set me back an awful pricey Php750 but digging into it once I got home, it turned out to be priceless! shocked lol

Purple Oven's best cakes are actually the cheesecake roster, but you ought to try also their other confections because I heard through the pastry grapevine that it's where posh coffee shops get their orders for their respective outlets. This is probably why the carrot cake for example in Starbucks is not that affordable LOL! tongue

Date of visit: 2012-10-10
Ratings :   Taste4   Environment3   Service4   Clean3   Price3

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