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Region: Metro Manila Cebu Other Provinces
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Love Desserts

Address: 915 Banawe St. cor. G. Roxas St. Quezon City, Banawe
Map : Show Map
Tel: 2469069 (Add to Contacts)
Spending: ₱101 - ₱500
Overall Score: 4.5
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Other Information

Payment Method: Cash
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes

Gourmet Reviews

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Unlimited DessertsSmile
jojomei (32 Review(s))

Who loves desserts? Raise your hands! Who wants unlimited desserts? Raise your feet! smile Dream no more. Your unlimited desserts is granted! Love Desserts is a shop that offers unlimited desserts, yes you read it right, unlimited desserts, for only Php 199. What can you say about that huh? Amazing? I know!

I’ve been wanting to go to Love Desserts the moment I heard it from my roommate. But I don’t always get a chance to schedule a day together with my friends to go there. Luckily, I was able to set a date with my former highschool classmate, whom I’ve never seen since we graduated from highschool and that was like 5 years ago! Wow.

Lucky as we are, Love Desserts is celebrating its first anniversary so they have this promo of Php 143 only for unlimited desserts instead of the regular Php 199. It’s a great saving indeed.

Are you craving for the desserts? Okay, enough with the talking. Indulge yourselves with these desserts. I apologize for not taking a lot of good photos because the moment we settled in our table, we grabbed our plates and started to get everything we could. Mind you, with all those desserts in front of me, I get confused on what to get first!

I must say that the price we paid is worth all those desserts we had. I will really come back with my friends and when that time comes, I swear, I’ll take more and better pictures. smile

If you want to try Love Desserts too, they are located at 915 Banawe St., cor. G. Roxas St., Quezon City. Actually, I find it hart to locate them because I am not familiar with the place and although google maps is there, I still need directions. So I’d like to give directions on how to go there if you’re coming from UST.

1. Take a jeepney going to Fairview or Quezon Avenue.

2. Drop off at Banawe street. You should see an overpass and McDonald’s across. Take the overpass to go to the other side. This is actually not easy to remember and locate because jeepneys go fast along this area. Tip: You must not pass by Sto. Domingo church. If you do, drop off and take the nearest overpass you could see. Go across and go to the nearest McDonald’s branch.

3. Near the McDonald’s, there’s a jeepney waiting for passengers. Barkers are present too. Those jeepneys will take you to Del Monte Avenue. That’s their last route. Drop off at Del Monte Avenue.

4. You have to walk a little more until you see a highway. Go across and walk further. There, you’ll see an under construction site. You should pass by it and you would see another building and Love Desserts is easy to find there.

That’s it. Your journey to Love Desserts will surely be worth it once you arrive! smile

Date of visit: 2012-12-12
Ratings :   Taste5   Environment4   Service4   Clean5   Price5

I Love Desserts for Php199 Unlimited!!!Smile
LonelyFoddie (1 Review(s))

Don't you love desserts? Because me, I Love Desserts.

Usually after our MBA class every Saturday, my classmates and I will hangout for a coffee or milk tea within school vicinity. Brought by our spontaneous nerves one classmate of ours asked us if we wanted to have some desserts, unlimited instead of having coffee. We all agreed thus the taxi meters rolled some more from Sta. Mesa to Banawe.

- See more at:

Recommended Dish(es): Dynamite
Date of visit: 2013-09-27
Spending per Head: ₱199 (Other)
Ratings :   Taste4   Environment4   Service5   Clean4   Price5

I <3 Open Rice and Love DessertsSmile
miracleshappen (1 Review(s))

Who would believe that at 199 pesos, you can have unlimited desserts??? shocked

Yep, It's right. For only that super worth it price you can have those mouthwatering cake pops, cream puffs, brownies, Big Scoop ice cream, cakes, crepes, milk tea.. and so much more.

Omg! Thats super awesome. It's a must-try place. lol

Better hurry! Invite your friends and make more unforgettable memories with these much-loved foods that will make your hearts sing with joy. Haha.

Recommended Dish(es): Cream puffs
Spending per Head: ₱199 (Other)
Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean5   Price5

Unlimited Sweets at Love Desserts!Smile
fatfoodieblogger (6 Review(s))

If you're feeling a bit hypoglycemic these past few days then Dr. Me would suggest you go directly to Love Desserts at Banawe, Quezon City (As for now, this is their one and only branch). My cousins, sister, Mimi and I went there to make our sweet buds alive.They serve Unlimited desserts for P199 per person! A maximum 2 hours stay is allotted per table so that other customers can experience the buffet.It's a Friday night when we got there and the place is on full house as usual.Their Simple policy "No Leftovers and No Sharing is allowed" should be followed strictly.

Choices for dessert is limited but just right for what you paid for. This long table is full of few cake varieties like chocolate and mocha cakes, brazo de mercedes, brownies, butterscotch, palitaw, mousse, fruits, cookies, etc. And Thank God there's Cheese Lumpia, Tacos and Empanada to balance sweetness cause no one could ever tolerate a dessert buffet!madUnlimited Customized Crepes: Choose from Banana, strawberry, blueberry, peach and apple. I love their Crepes! had until round 2 for banana. =). I swear!you would take time choosing your crepe combinations.lolScoop and Scoop until you drop with their Unli Ice Cream from Big Scoop which is by the way Sugar-free.Imagine Sprinkling these toppings on your favorite dessert!They also have a halo- halo station for pinoy dessert lovers. It's really fun when you are the one going on a mix and match for your dream dessert. You get full on the process and overwhelmed quickly once your product is done! I suggest you to have a good eating plan here but in any way you look at it, The P199 for an eat all you can Dessert house is so so very cheap!Unlimited Iced Tea, Milkshakes and Milk Tea. I tried the Chocolate Milkshake..too sweet for me and nothing special about it.Store closes at 11:00 pm but the buffet closes early at 10:00pm.Done Eating,

The Fatfoodieblogger(Angge Flores)

Spending per Head: ₱200
Ratings :   Taste4   Environment4   Service4   Clean4   Price5

Eat All You Can Deserts!Smile
shars_mariano (1075 Review(s))

Price Php 199 for Dessert All You Can Buffet

Description Dessert All You Can, need I say more? lol

Personal Review Amazing! Dessert All You Can for just 200 pesos!!! I found out about this place from a Facebook friend who went to Banawe and stumbled upon Love Desserts. I immediately hauled over my husband and his friends who love buffet to Banawe! Since I was the only girl, I had no choice when they decided to stop by the car shops first. Hmp, Banawe. After almost an hour of going thru greasy car parts, we headed off in search of Love Desserts. It was quite near Causeway so we immediately found it. The place was packed though.But we managed to get a table after waiting for 20 minutes. We all got the Dessert All You Can buffet. Hubby and I started off with the crepe station. You choose your filling and syrup and they cook the crepe for you. We got a mango crepe with loads of cream and chocolate syrup to share. Fantastic! The mangoes may be meager but it was still good!

Next I tried the ice cream bar. It's a scoop your own and place your own toppings station. I got the vanilla ice cream, 2 scoops, and added chocolate chips and chocolate syrup, my very own sundae! I even tried their strawberry mousse served in a glass, a bit bland to my taste. I saw that my friend had an oatmeal cookie and I asked him where he got it. When I approached the table, there were cookies, brownies and plain muffins. I grabbed some eclairs and a plain muffin which I placed a scoop of ice cream and some candy sprinkles lol

Absolute dessert heaven! They also offer ala carte items and take out desserts. We are definitely coming back soon!

Personal Rating lollollollollol

Recommended Dish(es): Dessert All You Can Buffet
Date of visit: 2012-02-21
Spending per Head: ₱200 (Night Snack)
Ratings :   Taste5   Environment4   Service5   Clean4   Price5

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