When it's Japanese food, Tempura instantly pops on my head. Ever since it opened its doors at SM Pampanga, it has been a delight for me because Japanese cuisine is really one of my favorites. Although we have Tokyo Tokyo at SM Pampanga, Tempura gives a different satisfaction, because it gives more of that Japanese feel that you're looking for when you eat at a Japanese restaurant. Also, Tempura, I believe, has a more complete Japanese menu. So, this is one of the choices for me when you want authentic Japanese food at a not-so-expensive price.
Japanese Milk Tea
Kani Tempura
Tempura actually has branches scattered around Metro Manila. Not only does Tempura promise delicious and mouth-watering Japanese dishes, they also assure every customer of a unique Japanese experience that they will surely remember. I recently had lunch with a friend of mine at Tempura SM Pampanga. We agreed to meet because we wanted to watch a movie. Since it was still early, we decided to have lunch. We just ordered for share since the servings were quite big. We got an order of Kani Tempura, Ebi Bacon Maki, and Karikarimen. For our drinks, we got Japanese Milk Tea. The milk tea was a bit bland. It was very unlike Thai or Hong Kong milk tea. It didn't have any flavor at all. We had to ask the waitress for some sweetener to add some sweetness to the milk tea. Although you could taste the creaminess in the milk tea, you couldn't really taste any flavor from it. The Kani Tempura is my all-time favorite at Tempura. It's very delicious and has a crunchy batter. The crab meat was cooked perfectly, was soft, and wasn't mushy on the inside. Dipping it in the tempura sauce makes it more flavorful and more delicious. The Ebi Bacon Maki was also good. It was a bit hard to eat because the bacon was a bit rubbery. But, flavor-wise, it was really good. The asparagus was crunchy and the shrimp was perfectly cooked. It was also seasoned well. The Karikarimen is a new offering at Tempura. I love fried noodles, so I persuaded my friend to order this one. It was similar to the fried noodles of Chowking. But, it had a big serving size. The noodles were crunchy and the sauce was very different. It had a smokey taste that somehow worked for me. The toppings on the noodles were delicious as well. The vegetables gave some crunchiness to the dish. I liked, overall, what we ordered at Tempura this time.
Ebi Bacon Maki
When we decided to eat at Tempura, I knew we were gonna have a good time. And I was right. We were served well with delicious Japanese dishes that we really liked. The experience was really fulfilling. There is no doubt that Tempura is one of the notable Japanese food places in the Philippines.
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Tempura Japanese Grill
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Japanese Milk Tea, Kani Tempura, Ebi Bacon Maki, Karikarimen
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