Top All Saints Day Food

The western culture sees all hollow’s eve as a time for Trick or Treat – a joyful event where kids in their scary costumes knock at the neighbors’ doors to ask for a treat.

In the Philippines, it’s that time of year when families flock to visit the grave of their love ones; All Souls day in Philippine culture is a hiatus and time to reunite with family members. Filipinos remember and celebrate the life of their dearly departed by offering prayers and adorn their final resting place with candles and flowers.

In celebration of All Saints Day, we will treat your eyes with the best culinary masterpieces perfect for this occasion of contemplation and gathering.

Sapin Sapin

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This classic Filipino delicacy is sure to enthrall your sweet tooth. The etymology of Sapin sapin is quite easy to decipher – it is on top of the other. The nice texture and the subtle sweetness is a hit among the young and old alike.


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Most of the food featured are those that do not spoil easily and are convenient to pack and consume. Such is the feature of the ubiquitous Adobo – ask any foreigner of a Filipino dish they will never forget and you will almost always be answered with “adobo.”


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Meat, vegetables, and other elements wrapped in soft tortilla wrapper and deep-fried to golden perfection. The crunchy exterior goes well with the sumptuous filling. Dipped in ketchup or vinegar infused with garlic, lumpia is an all occasion Filipino favorite.


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Any Filipino celebration will not be complete without Pancit. The Filipino version has evolved producing a lot of variations and creative concoctions but are all agreeing to the one savory noodle delight.


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Steamed rice cakes ideal for outdoor gatherings and celebrations. Filipino ingenuity at its finest – flavored and topped with yummy delectable elements manifesting the greatness of our country’s culinary genius. Packaging is also a definite eye catcher, typically in a bilao or an ornamented box.

Ginataang Halo Halo

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Glutinous rice ground and formed into small balls, tapioca pearls, sweet potato, Cardava banana (Saging na Saba), and ripe Jack fruit cooked and simmered in rich thick coconut milk. This sweet mixture is sure to enthrall your palate with its creamy texture with all the flavors of the different ingredients blending in to an aromatic delightfully pleasant surprise.


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Grilled meat or inihaw is another Filipino gastronomic choice. Each region in the Philippines has its own special blend of marinade – a harmony of spices and condiments to tenderize and infuse the meat with succulent flavors. Grilled over hot coal and basted with oil and the rest of the marinade, the Filipino inihaw is ever present in any Filipino feast, specially an outdoor celebration.

Enjoy the All Saints Day Holiday with the all time Filipino culinary greats and have a good time with your loved ones 

OpenRice PH Editor