TOP 10 SISIG in Metro Manila to Sizzle your Appetite

Pampanga is synonymous to culinary mastership, as such that when someone hails from this lovely province up north, almost always people would expect that person to be a good cook.

Another Filipino masterpiece that originated from Pampanga is the infamous Sisig, which means “to snack on something sour” in the vernacular.

Pork heads were sold cheap in the 1970’s during the tenure of the American bases in the Philippines since it is not used to prepare American meals. With Filipino ingenuity and culinary creativity, the Sisig was born.

Sisig started as a favorite pulutan among all the social classes until it found its way to the Filipino dining table. It has since become a sensational favorite!

The traditional way of cooking sisig is with the meat of the pork’s head, seasoned and grilled to a crisp. It is then chopped finely and sautéed with red onions and other spices. The sisig has evolved and modern day variations include different elements added and the pork head substituted with whatever your craving can imagine!

We came up with a list of the top ten sisig served in Metro Manila based on the number of likes and bookmarks from our OpenSnappers! Lets start our Sisig Adventure!

TOP 10

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Sizzling Sisig Awwww!

Pedro and Coi Restaurant in Fisher Mall QC serves a sisig that is going to make you say Awwwww! The festive presentation of this sisig will satisfy both your eyes and tummy!


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Sisig Kinilaw

A favorite nightlife destination, Gerry’s Grill offers an exceptional sisig dish incorporated with another favorite beer accompaniment – kinilaw! Strips of meat instead of the usual minced version added with red bell peppers and fiery ingredients!


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Original Pork Sisig

This is sisig in its most traditional presentation – the straight forward attack of this dish on your palate makes it a sure fire hit perfect with your drinks and moundful of rice!


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Linares Sisig

Elias Restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia has this star of their menu – the Linares Sisig or simply, Pork Sisig.


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Pork Sisig

The Department of Tourism has credited Lucia Cunanan (Aling Lucing) of Angeles city as the inventor of the infamous sisig in 1974. Today, Aling Lucing’s Sisig has conserved its original sumptuous recipe.


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Pork Sisig

Quezon City is a true have for good food and of course, sisig! Most of our entries here in our Top Sisig list can be found in QC! Our Top 5 is a pork sisig by Trellis! Hunt for this mouth-watering sisig along Matalino St!


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Lechon & Oyster Sisig

Sisig has gone along way since its original pork head’s version. Lechon & Oyster Sisig is one of Lacavore’s best sellers! The hefty serving and the immense flavors of lechon and oysters in a sizzling platter is guaranteed to enthrall your sisig cravings!


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Inasal Sisig

The natural vinegary zest of Inasal transformed and leveled up in Sisig form! Sarsa Kitchen + Bar has never ceased to amazed their patrons with innovative dishes perfect for any time of the day!


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Crispy Sisig (photo c/o

Another favorite nightspot in the metro, Dencio’s offers a lovely sisig dish – the Crispy Sisig. True to its name, every bite is exhilaratingly delightful as you feel the crunch and the awesome flavors as they celebrate and explode in your mouth..


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Crispy Pork Sisig Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant

Simplicity is beauty – and mouth-watering. The perfect crunch of the pork is in joyous harmony with the elements in this sizzling Crispy pork sisig by Asya Filipino – Asian Restaurant. Located in Eton Centril Walk in Quezon City, gear up and head there to savor the best sisig in Metro Manila!

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