Kapampangan Food You Should Definitely Try

Dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga boasts of its expertise in the culinary field. Rooting from history, Pampanga was considered back then, the first Spanish province in the country. Plagued with Spaniards in the colonial period, the Kapampangans were trained to become great cooks; a fact that still rings true today.

1. Morcon The kapampangan version of morcon is made from ground pork, chorizo, beef, onions, egg, and cheese all mixed together and simmered in its own fat until cooked. If you’re looking for excitement and explosion in every bite, you know there will be a lot of flavors going on in this delicious dish.

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2. Sisig Pampanga and its most acclaimed dish starts with the popular story of Luciana Cunanan. “Aling Lucing” invented the dish through accidentally burning the pork’s face and belly and remedied it through mincing it and mixing it with onions, chicken liver, chili, and a pinch of calamansi extract. Now Sisig came to be a well-received dish loved all over the country.

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3. Taba ng Talangka A well-know delicacy in Pampanga, the Taba ng Talangka is made through sautéing the fat from tiny crabs with garlic and a squeeze of calamansi juice. This is served with hot, steamy white rice. The Taba ng Talangka is also cooked as a sauce of a pasta dish or used as gravy for prawns. A plate of sinful but satisfying dish!

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4. Pritong Palaka This can be an intimidating dish to try for first-timers but the renowned Pritong Palaka can be appreciated by many people for its irresistible, crunchy goodness. Using frog legs as the main parts for cooking this dish, it’s as if you’re just eating chicken!

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5. Best Tocino Most famously known as Pampanga’s Best Tocino, this savory cured pork is packed with sweet flavors that make every bite almost spellbinding.

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So head on to Pampanga to try out first-hand these delectable, eccentric dishes and find out just why they’re the Culinary Capital of the Philippines!

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