FOOD & DRINKS ASIA / AFEX 2015 Show Preview

On diversity, innovations, and technology transfer…

FOOD FRANCHISING ASIA sets the mind-set of Filipino entrepreneurs on a well-presented, well-planned business solution, with all the requirements under one roof. No hassle, no worries! As they say…

The year 2015 sets the stage for the 19TH FOOD & DRINKS ASIA and FOOD FRANCHISING ASIA bringing on the challenges to entrepreneurs to make a step forward to conquer the chunk of their market, local and international.


Carrying its goals in showcasing products and services of food and beverage entrepreneurs, FOOD & DRINKS / FOOD FRANCHISING ASIA has created a platform for the food industry wherein they can conveniently present their products and enterprise in its total package. Complete the year on a high note with great leads and a positive perspective creating pathways discovering product innovations, food applications, and business solutions.

While, ASIAFOOD EXPO showcased quite a number of equipment and machineries that have seen better days during the time they were being released in the market, and the food companies who carry these machines have served well their purpose to the technological growth of the Philippine food industry. It is with great honor that AFEX has been doing this for more than two (2) decades now, and still continues to do so in bringing in technology and innovations from all over the world, to cater to the Filipino food entrepreneurs and industry players as well.


It has always been AFEX’ goal to be the ultimate venue in being the source of technology transfer and innovations for the Philippine food and beverage industry, and as such, we continue to source out and invite potential companies who can also support and deliver the essential requirement of our food industry . Filipino food entrepreneurs are hungry and passionate for the information and technology much needed for their start-up or growing businesses; even those who are still on the drawing boards, they already crave to discover the latest and the most convenient products they can avail of for their food enterprise.

At the same time, let us always remember that these equipment/machines from AFEX present “must” have good quality, nonetheless, the best quality to be able to compete in the international food market, as we push harder for our products to be known globally. With these, FOOD & DRINKS ASIA carries on its endeavor to be the venue where one can find the newest finished food products and beverages for selling and distribution.

It is with all these attributes and more, AFEX continues to work on in bringing the best and the latest equipment, machineries, and business solutions; finished food products and franchising concepts we may have to offer the Filipino Entrepreneurs, and to the Philippine food and beverage industry, as we aim to be a vital part of their venture toward entrepreneurial success…

In totality, these back-to-back events, FOOD & DRINKS ASIA and ASIAFOOD EXPO are two (2) shows with one goal, to deliver the best for the Filipino entrepreneurs, and to the Philippine food and beverage industry.

OpenRice PH Editor