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Colonel Harland David Sanders perfected Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1939; the governor of Kentucky awarded the honorary title “Kentucky Colonel” in 1950 in recognition of his masterpiece - as an original gastronomic delight that they deem will permeate through the ages.

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True enough, the legacy of Colonel Sanders has lasted and is enjoyed to this era and other generations to come. The world’s first KFC is located in Salt Lake City; the franchise was first introduced in the Philippines in 1967 and has since satisfied the hunger of the discriminating taste of Juan.

This original recipe chicken boasts of its 11 secret herbs and spices that has captured our hearts and has become one of the staples in the Filipino menu.

The best part is, you can be sure to get the amazing KFC dishes at the comfort of your home or office.

KFC Delivery is by far one of the most efficient food delivery services in the Philippines. With a guaranteed delivery time and outstanding customer service, you are sure to get your KFC fix.

With hundreds of stores in the Philippines, KFC Delivery can cater to almost every corner of the country. Their hotline is ready to take your order (02) 887-8888 in Metro Manila.

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You can also visit the KFC website and order online! Hassle free and it feels like you are ordering from the store yourself. The KFC Delivery hotline is available only in Metro Manila, but if you are anywhere in the country, the Internet is the best means to order and you are sure to get your favorite chicken in no time.

KFC comes up with different promos and offers regularly so its best to be updated. The bucket meals are among the best sellers in KFC Delivery, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime in between.

Everything on the menu can be ordered through KFC Delivery, but I highly recommend that you cut down on the carbonated drinks as the ice melts quite quickly while the food is in transport. So you will most likely end up receiving cola mixed with water.

This famous food joint comes up with their Street-wise brand that is also available through KFC Delivery. One has to ask, “Why streetwise?” – well the answer to this question is quite simple, street-wise or street-smart is referred to the urban youth on their adventure while being economically efficient. This is quality food at a fair value. No wonder the Street-wise meals are relatively popular among students and busy office workers alike.

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For folks with a great appetite, the Fully Loaded meal is perfect! With an awesome combination of rice, chicken, soup, your favorite fixin, a brownie, and your choice of drinks – this will truly make your day! It can also be served with the Zinger or Twister.

But my personal favorite is the Duo Meal, for only Php280, you get the best rice meal and dessert package good for two! Children definitely love the pillow puffs and choco dip. Duo Meal A is served with 3 pieces of KFC Chicken, 2 mashed potatoes, 2 pieces of rice, gravy, pillow puffs with choco dip and your choice of drinks. Duo Meal B has 2 pieces of KFC Chicken, 2 mashed potatoes, 2 pieces of rice, gravy, regular shots, pillow puffs with choco dip and your choice of drinks.

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The KFC Krushers is a delightful refresher featuring tropical zests and all time favorites from Mango to Kitkat flavors. At Php70, this is an affordable treat that the young and old will certainly love.

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Filipinos love the KFC lineup of great food because it conforms to our taste buds. On a regular basis, the chain comes up with a different offer perfect for any discernment. The KFC Rice Bowls features KFC in an international guise, for their current offer, they cleverly introduced the best of the East and the West (Filipino style) with the Texas BBQ Rice Bowl and the Korean Bibimbap Rice Bowl - KFC chicken in the most delectable sauce and sidings.

The new Wild Berry Iced Tea is a berrylicious thirst-quenching delight! It’s a definite must try and ideal for those who does not prefer carbonated drinks.

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Are you now hungry? Call the KFC hotline at 887-8888. KFC delivery covers the entire above-mentioned menu and more! Delivery service is guaranteed at 30 minutes else you get a Php100 Gift Certificate! That is really cool! So dial the phone now and order!

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