Caffe La Tea is conveniently located near the road. It was so easy to guide the cab from where I am at to this place. The place looks cozy and warm. It looks like a neat place to catch up with friends. It is a nice place to study as well because I was able to observe some diners who brought their laptop with them.
Nice place to hang out
I can smell coffee brewing
I would love to attend a lunch meeting. A good breather from stressful office work.
Coffee lovers must agree with what’s written on the walls as I do.
Wise Coffee Sayings
What a good welcome sight for Openrice Foodies

I have my list of favourites among the food that we were served with although I was able to sample most of the dishes. I was served with dessert first.

My favourite has got to be Bannoffee Pie which was a combination of banana and toffee.
Bannoffee Pie - I confess, I'm addicted to this
N.Y. Cheesecake Boohberry
Other favorites in terms of cupcake has got to be their NY Cheesecake Boohberry and Dulce de Leche.
Dulce de Leche
There are other interesting cupcakes though like their Death by Choco-La-Tea. I could just imagine how they try to bring pleasure to whoever wants to indulge in such dark chocolate bliss.
Death by Choc-la Tea
Oreo Chocolate looks like something that my daughter would love. Not my cup of tea though.
Oreo Cheesecake
I was pleasantly surprise when I learned that Caffe La Tea actually serves most rice meals for under P100 with good helping.
Rice Toppings
Cabsy Longganisa Rice - Cab from the word Cabanatuan.
Grilled Liempo & Salted Egg
Baby Back Ribs Pork
Binagoongan Rice
My favourite Rice Toppings which I ordered is definitely Crispy Dinuguan all because I love dinuguan and lechon. This dish has both. A bowl is more than enough for me though. It can be shared by two people.
Crispy Dinuguan - Super Sulit
I also like their fried chicken which can be compared to a famous chicken house because there was no breading use but, the skin of the chicken was fried crisp yet, surprisingly it was not oily.
Fried Chicken with Fries
Appetizers and Pasta were serve one by one they came.
Crispy Baked Wings - Barbecue version
Chili Bombs - Chili with bits of ham & cheese
Creamy Chicken Pesto
Gambas & Mushroom
Among the pasta dishes I love Wild Mushroom & Truffle. I learned that this was one of the diners favourite as well.
Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil - Love this Pasta
By the way I did not have the chance to sample, Mozza Lava because it was gone in one heartbeat. I think with the response that it got it was that good.
Mozza Lava Sticks
Tasting Chiz Buco was a good surprise because I didn’t know that spring rolls can be this tasty. A good combination of cheesy flavour and buco strips.
Chiz Buco - Tasty Spring Rolls with a Twist
I don’t feel like going green tea
Perfect Matcha - Grande
I choose Strawberries & Cream and I was right as always. This smoothie with the Popping Pearl just made my day. Imagine my surprise when it gently pop inside my mouth.
Strawberries & Cream - Just the Right size for me
A picture within a picture
The rest of the beverages served do taste good as well.
Cookies & Cream - Grande

The guard who wears civilian clothes open the door for me. He was ever attentive and was positioned near the door to assist diners.
The staff which includes the baristas were attentive to the needs of the diners. I notice the same thing when diners started pouring in. I was welcomed by Sir Jerro Santos who was our host for this event.
As we waited for the rest of the bloggers to arrive I was assisted by Sir Jerro and his staff. He informed us that we will be serve with 1 main dish, 1 dessert and 1 drink of our choice aside from the meals that they will serve for sharing.

With good service and friendly environment I was not surprise to learn that lots of diners frequent this place. This place offers in-house catering but since they just open up last October 2015, this place is not yet 1 year old and are still undergoing more improvements. In just a short period of time Caffe La Tea was able to capture the hearts of anyone who loves good food and company.

Just recently instead of concluding my take on the food that I am served with, I decided to list down the reasons what makes the restaurant that interesting and here they are in no particular order.
Reasons to Visit Caffe La Tea

• Free Wi-Fi. Who does not want to hook on the net for free?

• Great Meal Combo suggestions
Mixed and Much Your Choice
• Haven for those with sweet tooth
• Icon guide for vegetarians, kids and for those who love eating anything spicy
Helpfully informative
• Near main thoroughfare along Congressional Ave.
• Huge parking space area
• Smoking Room area for those who want to smoke but would not like to go out of the resto

For this reasons and a lot more I would gladly re-visit this place again. 

Operating Hours are from 11am until 12 midnight

Location: Near former Cherry Foodarama Congressional Avenue, Quezon City

(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Date of Visit
Waiting Time
20 mins (Dine In)
Spending Per Head
₱200 (Lunch)
Dining Offer
Tasting Event, Others
Recommended Dishes
Mozza Lava, Fried Chicken
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