I am certified seafood frenzied plus a certified foodie. Whenever I hear a good restaurant from a friend, I will ask any probable question as foodie to help my inquisitiveness stirring especially when it comes to a seafood diner. Here in Philippines, it’s hard to find a seafood restaurant that serves fresh seafood. When honey told me about this Somethin’ Fishy, seafood and grill bar restaurant in Eastwood, Libis my curiosity started to itch. It’s like the title says it all.

I was also informed by honey that they have promo from 12 midnight up to 10 in the morning. You can avail an eat-all-you-can breakfast buffet for only P169! It really is something fascinating! But of course whenever I plan to pay a visit to a buffet restaurant I make it a point that I have ready myself. I need to get hungrier than a person can be, because it is an eat-all-you-can, you should enjoy the food and make it worth it!
Somethin' Fishy Logo
As we arrived in Somethin’ Fishy, I am astonished that it was an enormous place than I thought it was. We came there around 5am for a very early breakfast. I think the diner can accommodate up to 200 individuals. We were approached by a waiter and started to offer us the promo which we have already known. However the P169 per person is excluding of a drink, thus the waiter offered us a drink-all-u-can for only P60 which you can change it to Coca-Cola, sprite, coffee, tea and juice or whatever you want as long as you already finish the first glass. And then the waiter gave us the signal to start to grab our food.

Since we were here for a breakfast promo, I didn’t expect seafood on the buffet. I was overwhelmed with the varieties of food that were prepared. I am not good when it comes to an eat-all-you-can particularly when it’s morning because I don’t eat breakfast on time.

I just took something that my stomach can manage to eat. From the time I was informed about this diner, honey bragged how the beef tapa tastes good that is why I gave it a try. I also grab siomai, ham and their version of fried rice. The beef tapa was great; it has a mixed flavor of sweet and saline. It was also well cooked, not overcooked or underdone, credit of course to honey for a truthful review.
The siomai was not as scrumptious as the other siomai I have savored but it was not bad at all. The ham was cold and I don’t know why it was cold, like it was just come out from the freezer, perhaps to preserve the freshness of it. The fried rice was just okay, there was nothing special with the taste.
Sorry for the blurry picture, I took it with the flash off.
Beef tapa
After eating those food felt like I am full already and can’t take any more load. So I asked honey to take our break and be prepared for the next batch. Hehe

As we ready for our second batch we took our desserts. They prepared Filipino delicacies such as palitaw, maja blanca, a local pan cake, biko and etc. I won’t argue with the delicacies, because it was taste really good. It’s like something that I think Filipinos were good at.
Palitaw, biko and maja blanca.
The one thing I noticed about the diner was the atmosphere. I observed that the place was not clean as the foodie expected it to be. I saw an insect wandering around the table and the smell of the place was not good. It smells like an old restaurant that has been abandoned. I also noticed that walls were discolored and marked with some dirt which is not good. I hope they can do something about it as the smell can affect the taste of the food.

But above all, it was a very cheap breakfast buffet that I ever had. Imagine if only I am a person who can eat a lot and enjoys the buffet, P169 was not bad budget at all.
I can say that I am still want to visit them again for the regular buffet which is worth Php300-Php400 per person and taste their luscious seafood that the diner was known as.
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