After work Friday night...I was waiting for hours as to who among my friends would pick me up for was coming from Sta. Rosa, Laguna while the other one was coming from Manila...the decision would be based on the traffic and the winner was the one from Manila! Parking in Eastwood was another problem, but with some good vibes chanting...we were able to get a good spot near the entrance (the power of positive thinking worked!).
I was glad I ate heavy snack at Yoshinoya, but later on regretted that because I was not able to eat a lot of Uncle Cheffy's specialties. The restaurant was located on the 2nd floor of the Eastwood Mall so it was easy to find.
The restaurant looked like a typical pizza place with nice artworks all over and a mini bar and cellar.
We decided to move outside to enjoy the fresh air and view. There were nice long couches that can fit in 3 to 4 people which made it more comfy for us to chat all night. There's also a ceiling fan which was perfect for the hot weather.
This small gathering was really for our friend who came from the U.S. The last time we saw her was 4 years ago and it was nice seeing her again and my other friends. The timing was perfect since I have been getting a lot of dilemmas lately and need some good advice.
Seeing friends is something worth celebrating, but the food at Uncle Cheffy was surely worth celebrating too! Let's start with the Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad which was worth P495. The serving was good for 4 people. The shrimp were big and the salad was fresh. The dressing was light so as not to overpower the freshness of the salad but I like my dressing to have a bite so I think I need more vinaigrette on it.
Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad
Next dish was the Tiuey Noodle which was worth P295. It is Asian friend noodles with beef and asparagus. The pasta can be shared because the serving was big so the price was really worth it. I just didn't like the sweet oriental sauce.
Tiuey Noodles
For meat lovers, I would highly recommend the Memphis Barbecue Ribs with marble potatoes and salad on the side. The dish was served with three sauces: pesto (perfect for the potatoes), tomatoes and barbecue sauce. It is worth around P595, but it can be shared by 4 people.
Memphis Barbecue Ribs
Uncle Cheffy is famous for its brick-oven panizza and they have a good selection of panizzas. We ordered the Uncle Cheffy Favorites which is a huge square-shaped panizza with oven dried tomatoes, anchovies, mushroom garlic, chili flakes, three kinds of cheese and basil leaves. Guess how much? It is just around P395 and can be shared by 4 to 5 people unless you got a bottomless pit..LOL.
Uncle Cheffy Favorites Panizza
My dining experience at Uncle Cheffy was great! Food was delicious, staff were accommodating, the couches outside were comfortable and of course what made my dining experience memorable was the company of good friend.
Check out my blog for more pics of Uncle Cheffy and other dining experiences.

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Date of Visit
Spending Per Head
₱300 (Dinner)
Recommended Dishes
Prawn and Pomelo Salad, Memphis Ribs, Uncle Cheffy Panizza
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