Battered Dim Sims (P 250.00) is a popular snack in Australia and it is like a dumpling, and it is fried. Its size is like a nugget, but bigger. Before eating, it must be sprinkled with a seasoning (that is a bit salty), and a mayo dip.
Battered Dim Sims
Aside from lettuce, Skippy’s Salad (P 250.00) is made of ham, grilled chicken, egg, and cheese. The vegetables are thinly sliced. I bet that eating this alone can already make you full.
Skippy's Salad
Meanwhile, the Green Salad (P 200.00) has more greens than Skippy’s Salad. It comes with the same dressing, too.
Green Salad
I totally like the Shepherd’s Pie (P 450.00) because it is far different from the homemade pies I have tasted. This one contains ground lamb and the stuffed mashed potatoes make the dish even more delicious.
Shepherd's Pie
Meanwhile, the Chicken Parmigiana (P 450.00) is an oven baked crumbed chicken with tomato sauce and cheese. I also like this dish! Plus, the criss-cross fries are very presentable.
Chicken Parmigiana
Cranberry Juice (P 100.00) helped me wash down all of the food I ate. Their juice is good! Meanwhile, Carol ordered for Four Seasons (P 100.00)
Going back to the food, the Baby Back Ribs (P195.00 PROMO) is tender, of course. However, I find it a bit oily.
Baby Back Ribs
Both their Baby Back Ribs, the Salisbury Steak are served with coleslaw. The burger is a bit small, but the taste is not that bad.
Salisbury Steak
The Shawarma Pizza is a must-try for it is overloaded with toppings like onion, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cumin, mozarella, grilled sirloin, and it has yogurt too!
Shawarma Pizza
Meanwhile, The Big Breakfast has 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomato, mushrooms, hash brown, toasted bread, butter, and an unlimited brewed coffee or glass of iced tea for only P 310.00. This is so worth it!
Big Breakfast
After eating, they offered us cocktails. I had their Strawberry Margarita (P 230.00). Their Strawberry Margarita is less strong than Chihuahua’s. After that, they present to us their Flaming Lambhorgini (P450.00)
Flaming Lambhorgini
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