It was our wedding anniversary (8 years and counting!) we celebrated with our daughter, Clarice at Santouka. Hubby said that his office mates had all raved about Santouka. We got there at past 12noon but there a long line of diners wanting to get in. We spoke with the waitress who said that it would take an hour before a table would be free. We placed our name on the list and went around the mall for the meantime

After 30 minutes, we went back and was told we were second in line
While waiting, we ordered. Santouka offers a set meal where they have ramen, appetizers, a rice bowl, tea and a salad. It was perfect! I can eat ramen and my daughter can have a decent rice meal. We noticed that they had these machines where you place a token and a toy comes out
I bought some tokens for my daughter and she got this really cute key chain from the machine. It set a happy vibe for lunch

After we were seated, our food came
It's a good thing they had ample table space because the set meal took up so much space
I got the meal with the following;

- Small Ramen
- Fried Chicken
- Small Rice bowl
- Salad
- Tea
- Tofu like appetizer

I placed the rice bowl with some fried chicken for my daughter. The chicken was crispy on the outside and tender juicy on the meat part. Simple fried chicken but perfect for little girls
The salad was a simple shredded cabbage with corn kernels and tomato quarters, it had a vinegar type dressing. A good salad, albeit small in portion. I loved the silky, tofu like cup. I don't know what it was, I had asked the waitress and she said something in Japanese
Whatever it is, I loved it. Sweet custard with a few tapioca pearls. They also served us a cup of hot tea, yum!

The ramen I got was Miso or soybean paste. Slightly creamy than the shoyu and really tasty. The noodles were firm, they make their own noodles
It had chasyu (pork slices) that were seasoned for days so it was really flavorful. The cherry tomato topping was a nice finish to the meal. Now I know why Santouka is famous, the set meals are complete, good for sharing too. My whole set cost Php 450. The ramen soup can be shio, shoyu or miso. Santouka has definitely set my ramen standards
Token Fed Toy Dispenser
Happy with her new toy!
Kids utensils for young diners
My Ramen Set Php 450
Love Santouka!
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Date of Visit
Spending Per Head
₱500 (Lunch)
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