I am always and forever will be a fan of our very own Filipino Cuisine. As a new registrant at openrice, I received an invitation for Eat's-A-Date event. I was hesitant at first considering that I have to travel from Valenzuela to Ortigas. Waaah! But I wanna come since I know it will be a remarkable 'first time' experience. Hence, I confirmed. HAHA!

When I found out that the date will be held @ Café de Bonifacio, I immediately searched it on google. I saw their website and facebook page. I browsed and I was enticed with the photos I saw. The turon de gregoria, I believe one of their signature desserts, which I saw on their facebook page marked on me. In spite of the tempting photos, the thought that it might not actually taste as delicious as it looks left hanging in my head.

Until finally, the day has arrived. haha. For me, it's really something to look forward to.
After awhile of meet and greet with my fellow bloggers/openricers, the foods were served shortly...

Appetizer and Salad:
Lumpiang Hubad in a Pastry Cups: Php120
Ensaladang Talong: (sorry I wasn't able to get this. Y_Y)
Introducing to you my favorite! This fried vegetables mixed with a special chef sauce in a crispy open pastry cups is a MUST-TRY. I just knew I have a connection with this Lumpiang Hubad in a Pastry Cups because I am a veggie foodie. The pastry cup of the cup added some curiosity to it. I was like, hmmmm, let me see if the crispiness of the cup and the veggies will blend well. Surprisingly, it did! Perfect to boost up your appetite and craving for more Pinoy dishes! Presentation wise, I've nothing more to say. Two thumbs up!

As for the Ensaladang Talong, well, I don't really eat one except when fried or it's a torta. But I think I loved the 'saging na saba' inside it. Never thought that eggplant and saging na saba can be a good match. Presentation? PERFECT.

Classic & New Main Dishes:
Crispy to the Bone Hito ni Ka Freddie: Php358
Crispy Pata ni Ka Ojie: Php618
One of the new main dishes of the cafe includes Crispy to the Bone Hito ni Ka Freddie (named after one of the owners of the cafe), a crispy cat fish fillet served with ensaladang talong and okra with special vinaigrette dressing. I have to admit that I wasn't impressed with its name Hito. I never tasted hito in my entire life! SWEAR! Would you believe that my first tummy experience with HITO happened there in Cafe de Bonifacio? And believe it or not, I loved it! The crispiness and the perfect after taste of it i noteworthy. I never thought that hito tastes that good! Or perhaps only with CBD! haha. Swear you gotta try that one too! The Hito seemed to be alive with its unique and enticing arrangement. The dish as stated in the menu is good for 2 persons but I think it can accommodate up to 3-4 persons.
See? I even shared the last piece of that Crispy Hito! Haha Never did it occurred to me that I'll be able to taste such which I categorize under the tag of 'exotic foods'. Only with Openrice & CBD!

On the other hand, CBD's famous Crispy Pata ni Ka Ojie (named after the Kusinero behind CBD, Chef Ojie) is to be died for. Heaven as in! Even without sauce, the Crispy Pata will leave you breathless with its tasteful, crunchy and tender core served with sauced fried KangKong. The Crispy Pata is one of the dishes you would see on a typical pinoy occasion/celebration. As for their menu, this fried pork feet can be served for a group of 3 but I think it can suit a group of 5 persons.

Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka: Php385
Also falls under CBD's classic main dishes, the Sinigang was quite good compare to other sinigang I've tasted in other restaurants. I have to mention the tenderlicious short beef piece that it melts in your mouth.
I loved it but I wish it has more veggies.

Healthy Beverages:
Ginumis: Php110
Lemon Grass Coolers: Php75
Top on their Health Beverages is Ginumis. The first one I had was the Lemon Grass Coolers and it tastes good! The lemon and sweet tang of it is the perfect combination with the fried dishes. The infusion of lemon grass and other herbs give it a 'swabe' taste!
Their Ginumis seemed to be too much for me though I must commend the 'distinct' natural taste of the coconut milk used in this drink.
My favorite of all! Time for...DESSERTS!

Mango and Latik Rotti: 145
with 1 scoop of ice cream: Php170
Turon de Gregoria (with 1 scoop of ice cream): Php150
Ube and Macapuno Roti: Php145
with 1 scoop of ice cream: Php170
Need I explain more? Waaah! I was delighted to finally meet turon de gregoria! hahaha. *WINK* Oh I am so full by the time we had these on our table but I did my best to make sure I taste the TDG. It didn't fail me! Everything is in its right place. The mouth-watering scoop of ice cream 's like seducing you to take a scoop of her together with that caramelized slice of banana. Ube and Macapuno Roti is also something you would love to try. The ice cream's coldness mixed well with the slightly warmed Roti. The very festive colors of their desserts are truly irresistible, compelling and notable.

CBD commits itself to create and provide delectable dishes with exceptional aesthetic presentation to ensure that their customers will have the best Pinoy dining experience for a very maka-Filipino or maka-masa cost. Proving that Pinoy dishes can never be boring!

The questions in my head were all answered with 5 STARS! Cafe de Bonifacio's dishes and specialties exceeded my expectations. It definitely tastes 10x better than what you will think by simply taking a look on their set of choices. I also admire how very maka-pinoy the name of dishes are.
This is one of the restaurants we Filipino should patronize. Mainly because it uplifts and puts a part of our Filipino Culture to the highest pedestal consistently. CBD uses only Pinoy Spices that you wouldn't deny yourself. Spectacular and reinvented Pinoy dishes that you cannot afford to miss and share to your loved ones!

I've got only two words to define my tummy experience with Cafe de Bonifacio: WORLD CLASS! I'll put my name on this if this restaurant wouldn't make you feel proud.
Take it from the food hooby-ist, SunDMan. haha! There's certainly no regret! Come and have a festive lunch or dinner at Cafe de Bonifacio and get TWISTED together with your friends, family or even colleagues! 5th Floor, Podium!

Voila! Thanks to my baby brother for fetching me and bringing me at the Podium where Cafe de Bonifacio is located. I was 30 minutes late. Hi Khayzel, Michy, Jill, Jessica, and Yaniyoh! Khayzel of Openrice and my fellow openricers are so sweet and friendly. I easily got along that I didn't feel that I am a newbie at all. I'd love to meet you all again soon! So where's the next Eat's A Date? *wink*

SunDMan ♥
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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