Cocina Juan
A quaint restaurant located in Maginhawa, Quezon City that serves Mexican dishes.
Brewed Coffee
Price: P55

Description: Black hot coffee served with milk and sugar separately.

Personal Review: This wasn't the first time that I dined at Cocina Juan. Actually, for a time, my friends and I used to hang here often because the place is very homey, it is very accessible and their food is actually good even if the price may be a little expensive as to compared to the other restaurants here in Maginhawa street.

I went here just to get a cup of coffee. It may not be the best place to have coffee but I liked their Iced coffee Cacao Con Leche (White Chocolate) so much. To my disappointment, it is no longer available. Actually, all of their coffee selection is no longer available except for their Brewed Coffee because according to the guy who assisted us that seemed to be the owner, their Barista has just resigned and no one knows how to make coffee.

Since I really want to have coffee and is kind of lazy to look for another coffee shop, my friend and I decided to stay there. Besides, they have free WiFi.

The coffee was good. I mean it's not too strong like the other coffee places I have been too. I added milk (instead of creamer) and brown sugar. The place was clean but the lighting inside the place was a bit dim. Probably because we were the only customers that time so they might be saving some electricity.

I few minutes after enjoying their WiFi service, suddenly the internet connection got cut. I tried to re-connect but they placed a password on it. I didn't bother to ask for it because I was a little embarrassed to ask for the password since I only ordered a coffee but I think it was a kind of rude because they already saw us brought a laptop and was using it while waiting for our orders.

Anyway, it was not a big deal. But what caught my attention is when a couple sat behind our table and started ordering. It seemed that it wasn't their first time also because they were ordering the restaurant's usual like Chimichurri, Carnitas, Pork Ribs, and more. The funny thing here is that all of the dishes they have mentioned are no longer available. Wow! what happened to this place? I was also surprised that the lady just smiled and said to the attendant that they will just look for a different place to eat since there is nothing left to order. Surprised that she didn't make a scene or shouted because if it were someone else, they might have uttered "Mag sara na lang kaya kayo?"

I'm saddened because they do serve good food but I guess business is not doing well any more. I hope they would update their menu and removed all dishes that are phased out to prevent customer from complaining in the future.

I'm sorry, I'm not going back here even for just a cup of coffee because there is no reason to dine here anymore. The way the manage their place is just unprofessional. As if they were just managing a small "carinderia" in the corner of the street.

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