What’s in a name? Tells a lot really. Normally, when a word describing a food is mentioned, restaurants that best fit the description comes to mind. So when you say japanese, sushi comes to mind. Maybe sashimi for some. Bento boxes? Wasabi and Japanese soy sauce? ----- wait sandwiches, soups and huge burgers on top of a heaping mound of rice with gravy? Are you sure we’re talking japanese here?

Me and the wife have been on an obvious eatfest these last few days (and if you judge by the amount of reviews I’ve been doing) and last night was not an exception.

She picked me up from my office and we headed straight for ol’ reliable Piazza.

There’s this big green sign that immediately would catch your attention if your coming from the parking lot facing the open air plaza where normally, the weekly free concerts are held. Ah. Tokyo Café.

The place and the works.

Good interiors really. I really don’t know if this is how Japanese cafés really look like in Tokyo, never been there but one thing you’ve got to give this place is that its bright, its clean, the livery is pleasing to the eyes and the seats they used, comfy. The red circular decorative lamps they used inside which I think were made of native blended really well with the whole dining concept it was espousing.

There was quite a number of people that night. And I think one area they can improve upon is manpower. For some reason, the 3-man/woman service team was not ample enough to promptly take care of each of the diner’s requests or orders. There was a bit of a lag time. We had to follow-up my wife’s order because I was half way done with mine already and it hasn’t been served yet. In any case, that one the only minor thing to complain about, not really a deal breaker all the more if you have a little bit of time in your hands.

The food.

Wife got for herself one of their rice meals – Loco Moco – it’s a big slab of hamburger (grilled) put on top a heaping hot bowl of japanese rice, gravy poured all over the rice and burger, topping everything off with a sunny side egg and a crisp bed of lettuce on the side. I had to have a bite of the burger. Pretty good. Comparing it with other places who specialize in burgers, this one could compete. Thumbs up. Oh and the rice was – hot, fresh and moist. Perfect.

I had two orders. I went for their Shrimp Bisque soup first and then had their Tuna Salad Sandwich on focaccia bread. To keep it short and sweet, I was unable to put my spoon down while I slurped the soup bowl to emptiness. It’s that good. No, its was really really good. Truth of the matter is, that became the highlight of the night for me because when the Tuna Salad Sandwich came, the soup became a pretty tough act to follow. The sandwich was nice. Not as salty and not as creamy (not too much mayo I guess) would probably make it a perfect choice for someone watching the weight. I’d have to say it was a compliment to the richness of the soup I initially had.

Tokyo Café has a pretty varied menu. There’s a set for pasta lovers, pizza lovers, japanese fusion, light meals, heavy meals and a good assortment of cold concoctions (hey, it’s a café --- they got coffee too). Would a recommendation to friends be in order after this meal? Sure. I myself think I’d be dining here again. If only for the soup and the chance to whisper to myself –“oishi”.
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