This would probably be my third visit to this hidden Thai restaurant in the Scout area.

In my previous experiences, there were some hits and some misses; but overall, the food was great enough to come back to.
I loved how the interiors were always so classy and pristine; however, the extensiveness of its menu is also noteworthy. There seems to always be something new to try every time I visit the restaurant.

This is why it was a no brainer for us to suggest this restaurant when we had a 'balikbayan' family friend over, my aunt Stephanie, who was visiting from Canada who had an unsatiable Thai craving.
Cool as a Cucumber
To start things off, I decided to order the Cool as a Cucumber (P99), which was an ultimately refreshing and thirst-quenching cooler. 
Phad Prik Gaeng Goong Moo Sab
We also ordered some dishes that we tried in our previous visits, such as the Phad Prik Gaeng Goong Moo Sab (Spicy Spring Beans - P285), which would be quite comparable to those served in Chinese restaurants. 
Tod Man Kung
Another would be the Tod Man Kung (Prawn Cakes), deep-fried, golden-brown prawn cakes, which would count as one of the best you'd taste in the Metro. 

Now on to our 'first-timer' dishes...
Tom Khaa Kai
To satisfy the specific craving of my Aunt for coconut, we ordered the Tom Khaa Kai (Chicken with Galangal Coconut Soup - P150/275). It was a lovely and creamy coconut soup, with came with a pleasant tangy kick. Sadly, you can't drink too much of this soup because it's really heavy. It's better to stick to the smaller serving size to be able to still enjoy the other dishes!
Yum Plaa Dook Foo
We also got the Yum Plaa Dook Foo (Catfish Salad - P335), which featured a generous serving of fried catfish strips, which was wonderfully tempered by the sourness and sweetness of the green mango strips, and lime sauce. I loved how the flavors came together; however, the deep fried catfish strips were too hard to bite into, making eating quite unpleasant. 
Choo Chee Kung Roti
One of my favorite dishes of the meal would have to be the Choo Chee Kung Roti (Thai Roti Bread with Curry Sauce Dip - P195), which featured some really tasty warm homemade roti bread triangles paired with some mean red prawn curry sauce. We couldn't get enough of this dish; one bite was definitely enough to excite our tastebuds.
Gai Hor Bai Toey
We also ordered the classic Gai Hor Bai Toey (Pandan Chicken - P355), which featured flavorful chicken pieces wrapped in pandan leaves. I found the chicken pieces quite dry, but it came with some pretty authentic sweet chili sauce which quite compensated for that. 

I'm pretty sure that this won't be the last time I'll be dining in Thaipan. I can say that I don't see myself craving to dine in this restaurant, but if I'm in the mood for pretty solid Thai cuisine, I know that it would not disappoint.
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