Troika has been quite an interesting place for me. Its emphasis on bohemian-inspired artistic themes carry itself onto the food and the ambience of the place. Located in an enclave just along Extremadura Street, Sampaloc, Manila, this haven for people who desire good food and good art has been becoming popular among the students of nearby universities. 

According to the owner, the place has been his dream venture ever since he started working 4 years ago. He has been extensively trained in the art of restaurant management after being able to experience all the operations of a high-end joint in Makati. After gaining enough experience, he then decided to venture into business with two partners who shared the same passion. He admitted that his love for cooking was present in his genes when he started preparing homecooked meals since he was 12 years old. Talk about dedication!

As we explored the place, we noted that it was full of paintings which were offered for sale. These were actually for sale. Also, the venue has usually been used for exhibits and concerts by highly skilled and artistic people. The place's bohemian vibe truly contributed to its viability as an event place. Lastly, the place was generous with the color green. The exterior and interior walls were of this color. While the place seemed to radiate an aura of calmness due to this, it also evoked a feeling of sentimentality due to the antique item decor. There was an old tv and an old cash register. Even the shelves were filled with Lomo cameras.

With regard to the food, the restaurant has a delectable array of Spanish and Italian favorites made with the freshest and high quality ingredients. They had a variety of pasta, main dishes, and appetizers that surely whetted my appetite. Let's go to the appetizers. I began by trying out their Mozzarella Bacon Bomb. At 140 pesos, this delectable dish is an explosive combination of mashed potatoes, cheese, and bacon rolled into a ball and deep fried into a breaded crust that is too good to resist. I had more than one of these delicacies. The taste is brimming with all that fat-rich goodness suitable for meat and cheese lovers. Another appetizer I tried is their Chili con Quezo Nachos. This reasonably priced dish (130 pesos) was composed on a helping of nachos topped with ground beef, cheese, onions and tomatoes. It was a dish truly paired with alcohol for that delectably tangy taste. Their Pizza Pizza Fries (130 pesos) is a simulation of pepperoni and mozzarella topped over a generous helping of french fries. I like the fact that this dish had a good number of pepperoni pieces over it.

As for the main course, I tried out their Troika Burger. At 170 pesos, it consisted of a medium sized burger with fries on the side. The patty was made out of high quality ground beef and topped with bacon and onions. With the way it was cooked, I was very satisfied. The excellent taste was enough to make me finish an entire burger effortlessly.

The Paella was, by far, the most delectable of the dishes. Apart from being the restaurant's crowning glory, it was also the only rice meal in the menu. At 250 pesos, this humungous mix of short grained rice, shrimps, squid, mussels, and chicken surely made my mouth water. By far, it can also feed 2-3 people due to its size. I'd say that this dish gave me my most enjoyable experience in the venue.

Their pasta dishes were also remarkable and reasonably priced. The Classic Carbonara, at 150 was excellently drenched in olive oil for that authentic Italian vibe. Add to that the heap of bacon that was topped with it, and you have an excellent dish worthy to be eaten by food conosseiurs. The Grilled Chicken Pesto (150 pesos as well) is an excellent display of pesto goodness for pesto lovers. The dish is heavily peppered with pesto sauce and grilled chicken topped on pasta for that nice Italian vibe. Both dishes were pretty sumptuous.

As for dessert, we had their Ultimate Cheesecake. At 130 pesos, this dish is at the pinnacle of heavenly. The cheesecake is composed of ice cream, cream cheese and graham crust that can be mixed for that unique manner of eating cake. Its pasty and tasty vibe surely ended my meal with a bang.

For those who pine for Italian/Spanish food in an artsy vibe, Troika is the place to be. It is located at Extremadura St., Sampaloc, Manila right across U.S.T.
Grilled Chicken Pesto - Tasty!
Paella - Best for 2 people
Classic Carbonara - generously topped with bacon
Creamy Bacon Ziti - I love the sauce
Mozarella Bacon Bomb - A generous serving of cheese, potato and bacon in one ball
The artsy menu
Troika Burger - Burger with lots of patty and bacon
Chili Con Quezo Nachos - Love the serving
Pizza Pizza Fries - The best
The artistic storefront
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Date of Visit
Waiting Time
15 mins (Dine In)
Spending Per Head
₱200 (Dinner)
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Ultimate Cheesecake
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Troika (Sampaloc)
Dine ~ Paint ~ ChillTroika is an inspiring restaurant, combining a delightful atmosphere with excell