Interesting story to tell.

Friday late afternoon – think 6:15 PM, my mom started texting me short of hysterical proportions that she could not get inside the house because she left the keys and forgot them. My sister, who works North American hours for an oil firm left early and it was basically too late to have her go back home and hand over the set of keys she had to my mom.

In a nutshell, me and the wife had to make a run for Valenzuela that night – totally unplanned – that is after we get the set of extra keys from my sister from her office somewhere in the vehicle-clogged streets of Makati. I am digressing. In between the call and the pick up of the keys before driving north, we had to eat first.

Let’s give Kuse a try…

The place.

Good interiors. It being located at a fairly new outdoor type mall, the place was still looking spiffy. It was like being in your ancestral home short of putting it. I think what they were after was the homey feel you would normally have whenever you went home for your mom or your grandma’s cooking. Nice. The service, attentive. I don’t know if it was because there really wasn’t too much diner that night – it being a rainy Friday night – or they were trained to be that way. I’m guessing and hoping it’s the latter.

The food.

We had two viands. The bistek tagalog with sliced tomatos and grilled eggplant on the side. The other one was their own take on the very popular Chicken Inasal.

The bistek tagalog was good, albeit maybe a little bit more of tenderness could have been welcome. The sauce was a bit on the thickside, pretty different from the way my mom cooks it which borders on the soupy side. The onions were cooked perfectly. Not too raw but just enough to retain the crunch. The side of sliced tomatoes and grilled eggplant did well.

The other main dish was the chicken inasal. The portions we got were the leg and thigh portions. Mind you, they were pretty good sized. I’d say the serving was maybe good for 3 persons really. My pet peeve on chicken is when its not totally cooked thru and thru. Hate that really. Poultry is not like beek that can be had medium rare. Big no-no. In any case, 3 out of the 4 chicken pieces were perfectly cooked. And yep, they were pretty darn good.

All in all, despite the hassle of having to drive to Makati after – insane traffic and all, then heading north to Valenzuela driving in pretty hard rain – me and the wife were not worried that we needed to stop over somewhere for a bite. Kuse just took care of it and they took care of it just a tad close to how my lola would have probably taken cared of it. Good one Kuse.

“Kuse Traditional Filipino Cuisine is at The Piazza at McKinley Hill.”
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