My bestfriend was here in Manila yesterday. She usually paid her visits with her family in Binondo on a monthly basis eversince she settled down.
It was a rainy day and signal storm #1 and #2 were raised in different parts of Luzon.
Despite of windy and heavy downpour in the morning we still decided to continue our planned date in Intramuros.

At 130 PM we hit The Walled City. We passed through various institutions as we paved our way to our eating destination. We went to check a shop selling antiques and Filipino handicrafts. It was nice seeing an art of our own.

Nothing beats the beauty of Intramuros I said to myself. The rustic appeal and its historical value can never be forgotten. We asked a couple of guardia civil-clad men and pointed us to our destination - White Knight Hotel. It is the hotel that is always being featured in Manila Bulletin front page section at the upper right corner if I am not mistaken.
In this hotel housed the Coco Bango Cafe that we saw in the internet having a promo on Burger & Egg buffet and Pasta &BBQ buffet. We have our vouchers with us and proudly present it to one of the supervisors who was all too hospitable to take our orders and have us seated in our choice of table for two.

By the way, their buffet starts as early as 6am util 11pm. They do have band every night in their facade.
Outside their bungalow-styled cafe. Drapings are cool to the eyes. Wishing well is nearby the azotea.
Interiors. Once we entered it is not majestic - just simple yet elegant.Condition is good too!
Non-alcoholic drinks that we ordered.
(L) Ber's choice: Grapefruit and Orange.
(R) My choice: Alice Cocktail. It is a concoction of cream, orange juice and pineapple juice. I love my cocktail because it is smooth, creamy and fruity.
Burger and Egg. My first plate. The burger patty is thick, juicy and served medium-rare. It looked kinda dark and over-cooked but the inside is not so cooked. We didn't complain though and just proceed with our merienda buffet. Egg on the other hand is sunny side up and over easy - the type of cooking I want in egg
It has no buns and served just like that.
Spaghetti and BBQ.
The pasta dish is a mix of Filipino-style spaghetti and Bolognese. I dunno how do they call it but when we asked the waiter it is called just SPAGHETTI. Their Spaghetti is pale in color with lots of meat pieces but not that tasty. I prefer it to be more saucy and dark colored. Also, the pasta is not firm to the bite and cut in short strands.Barbecue stick on the other hand is short and thin but easy to chew.

We finished 2 servings of Burger and Egg plate and 1 serving of Pasta and BBQ plate EACH. That's gluttony! oh noh! hahaha

The PLACE has a nice and homey ambiance. It is super clean and well-ventilated.
Staffs are good-looking and very accommodating.

PRICE is good on the pocket knowing that we have eaten plateful of the said buffet.

FOOD is just good and needs a little improvement on taste and appearance. BANG!
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