Its rainy season again, the wind blowing, waters falling and a sudden gloom fills the sky. Normaly, people hate this kind of weather, but for me? i can't get enough of it. Maybe its because i grew up in a country where 60% of the time we experienced such climate or that feeling that makes you just wana stay in bed and snuggle. Whatever it is, it sure does one thing, it makes me hungry! I dont know what it is with rainy, chilly weather but it makes you wanna eat great comfort food.

For me, one of the best comfort foods ive ever loved has got to be japanese cuisine, specifically ramens. They just have that honesty in them with their semi clear broth but once tasted they burst with intense flavors.

One of my go to place in manila during wet season has got to be Nihon bashitei. once you enter, you feel like you are taken to another country, Japan. Not only is the interior look authentic japanese but also its patrons. with majority being japanese.

Whenever i come here i always sit by the sushi bar and have decent and educational converstaions with the polite staff's on the other side of the counter which ironicly makes you feel like you really are in a bar talking to a bar tender.

often start a meal here with some apetizers and my favorite of them all has got to be,
Uni sashimi - not many people can stand eating this sweet creamy delicacy. I admit, the uni (sea urchin) doesnt seem too attractive nor appetizing in appearance but i assure you, as long as you get fresh, good quality Uni you will feel tingles in your body caused by the creamy, sweetness of its meat. a must try!
enoki wrapped in bacon and grilled chicken skin

Enoki wrapped in bacon and grilled chicken skin - Enoki also known as golden mushroom is probably one of the more popular mushrooms in the world since it is not only used in japanese cuisine but also in other asian and western cuisines as well such as chinese cuisine specially in shabu shabu. The enoki and bacon goes so well with each other giving that salty flavor from the bacon and crunchy texture ffrom the mushroom. as for the chicken skin, well you can;t really go wrong with chicken skin as long as your not too health concious.
Shishamo - also known as smelt or leaf fish, these are thin fishes which i admit arent much to look at specially with their slender figures. however, once you take a bite a big surprise greats you specially in the middle part of the fish. cause these fishes are filled with tiny eggs in their bellies giving that extra crunch and flavor to the dish.
Tamago - after eating some salty dishes I decided to order something sweet to cleanse the palette in preparation for the main dish. Tamago, is layers of scrambled eggs diced to serve. it has a very sweet succulent taste that really cleanses the mouth.
Beef Udon - served scorching hot with soy based broth. The beef was very flavorful however, wished it was more tender to the bite. Nonetheless, this was a very enjoyable dish
Cha shiu ramen - char siu, also known as barbeque meat is often served with pork and is also soy based soup that is flavorful and meaty. served piping hot.

overall, nihonbashi tei experience gives you honest, simple comfort japanese cuisine and leaves you wanting more.
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