A second round with OpenRicePH's Eat's A Date Event this time with Caffé La Tea! From the name itself, I'm sure this will be another tasteful occasion

I'm quite familiar with Congressional Avenue stretch and delighted to know that this cutie cafe will be a discovery for today. It's not hard to find because it's just along the road right before you reach the intersection going to Visayas Avenue and Congressional Extension.

At first glance, the pastel-colored signage seems like enticing everyone to come in!
And when I enter, at the counter display there's plenty of cupcake varieties! Yaaaay! Cupcakes overload! Too good for anyone who has sweet tooth! Look at those goodies! I'll get to know (and taste) each one of you later!
True to their tagline, these are what Caffé La Tea offers. Let's take a tour on their menu.
COFFEE - what's so special about their coffee? the coffee beans have been handpicked from a mix of arabica and robusta beans, and then carefully roasted to bring its distinct flavor. rich in aroma with a medium body and taste that will excite everyone! From espresso, americano, latté to iced flavored to coffee smoothies! Definitely, coffee geeks would love this place! Friendly prices from Php 55 to 149 plus add ons! 

MILKTEA - they do have the basics which tagged as TEAsers and served with tapioca pearls! For the signature TEAser's Specials, it says in the menu - "they are sooooo good, we bet our name on it!" I chose Harajuku, a mixture of fuzzy melon, dark cocoa, coffee jelly and secret twist! I love the taste because it's not too sweet, every ingredient was well blended and gave emphasis what a real milktea should! It has no after taste which I always notice from other brands. So many varieties to choose from the Milk Tea Family which also includes smoothies! But wait, a slight trivia: they sourced milkteas directly from Taiwan for authenticity! Don't you like that? Now here's what you'll also love, price ranges from Php 50 (Grande) to Php 99 plus add ons.
Harajuku - Best Seller Signature TEAser's Special
FOOD - A wide selection of comfort food from appetizers, salads, pasta, sandwiches and rice toppings! Get ready to satisfy the cravings of your tastebuds! One among arrays of dishes that captured my attention was Chiz Buko - similar to the traditional lumpiang toge but ith a surprising twist! Filled with buko strips, veggies, ham and cheese all rolled into one! I don't like veggies but here's to another exemption! 
Chiz Buko - Veggies, Ham, Cheese and Buco Strips rolled into one!
Since we already started with cheese, and my fondness on anything with cheese cannot be controlled! Haha! Chili Bombs and Mozza Lava Sticks. Got frustrated because I didn't get to try the Mozza as it disappeared in just a snap! According to my fellow bloggers, its very delicioso! Atleast I got photos!
Mozza Lava Sticks - Musta Love!
When it comes to pasta, you'll never get bored in choosing which to indulge. There's Pomodoro & Meatballs, Gambas & Mushroom, Hungarian Sausage & Pesto, Creamy Longga Penne, Tuna and a lot more! I'm not being biased here, but you should try Wild Mushroom and Truffle Oil Pasta! It's terribly and heavenly delicious! The creaminess will certainly struck up to the last tip of your tastebuds! Haha! I'm sure you're convinced! Hey, it's really a scrumptious dish! Price starts at 149-159 and good for sharing! Not bad, huh!
Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pasta - Delish to the Highest Level! Must Try!
CUPCAKES - Now that we're done with appetizers and main dishes, it's time for Desserts! The pastries are coffee and tea's perfect company and so are we! As I've said earlier, they all looked good when displayed but best when consumed! I tried Oreo Cheesecake and never got donwhearted! Tastes like the real oreo blended with creamcheese, so the sweetness i not "nakakaumay". Red velvet, Death by Choc-La-Tea, Dulce De Leche, Bannoffee Pie are also stand-uppers! Price ranges from Php49 - 59 only!
Oreo Cheesecake - Yumminess at its Best!
Caffé La Tea, which originated in Cabanatuan will never be your least option when it comes to ambiance, food quality plus taste and price! No wonder they are not afraid even if they are just few blocks away from a direct competitor! A standout Cabanatuan's pride ready to conquer the Metro!

Definitely a must visit and highly recommended not just for coffee and milktea lovers but also a hub for barkada, officeworkers and the whole family! Told my kids that we'll bring them here soon!

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Dining Method
Dine In
Spending Per Head
₱149 (Lunch)
Recommended Dishes
truffle pasta, harajuku, oreo cheesecake, mozza lava sticks, chiz buko
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