Since my mom adores Thai cuisine, we had to give in to her request to dine in Thaipan during Mothers' Day. My dad also invited Uncle David and his pregnant wife Moriah to celebrate such an occasion with us. Despite our recent visit to Thaipan, we still had enough choices to make selections that we haven't tried before (save for the Phad Thai, which iis mandated as a staple every time I find myself in a Thai restaurant).
Tod Man Kung
We started off with the classic Tod Man Kung (P310). This would be the well-loved deep fried Thai Shrimp Cakes served with the signature Thai sweet chili sauce. The cakes were perfectly fried; however, I found them a bit hollow. Thus, there were times that you can only taste the batter, which of course is unacceptable and unpalatable.
Yum Ma Keua Yao
We also ordered Yum Ma Keua Yao (P325) as another appetizer. The catfish salad with hot and sweet lime sauce featured a generous serving of really tasty and crunchy catfish flakes which you can't help but keep eating!
Tom Yum Kung
We also ordered Tom Yum Kung, which was good for sharing (Single: P145; Sharing: P285). The piping hot and pleasantly sour soup (Thai's counterpart of our Sinigang) served with prawns, straw mushrooms and various mushrooms was really delicious. It had a lovely sweetness to it which neutralized the spiciness. The only downside to this was that it was really heavy that it keeps you from sampling other dishes of Thaipan!
Khao Phad Kai
We decided to order some Khao Phad Kai, Thaipan's Thai Style Fried Rice which featured chicken pieces, fried egg and spicy fish sauce on the side for our fillers; together with the Phad Thai. It was a nice addition to the meal, as it went well with our saucy viands; and tastes well on its own (with the fish sauce).
Pla Meuk Goong Nam Rok Phao
We also had some Pla Meuk Goong Nam Rok Phao (P320) which featured lovely stir fried squid and shrimp pieces with roasted chilies and bell peppers in a lovely spiced sauce. The sauce paired well with the Thai Style Fried Rice, that I assure you that this plate would be cleaned out after the meal.
Cinnamon Pork Ribs
We also ordered the See Khrong Moo Yaang (P289) which featured beautifully barbecued pork ribs which were scrumptiously tasty as they were marinated in cinnamon and lemon.
Phad Prik Gaeng Goong Moo Sab
Lastly, we ordered my mom's ultimate favorite (as long as it's in the menu of any restaurant, she would choose this in a heartbeat), the Phad Prik Gaeng Goong Moo Sab (P280). This is a dish which featured stir-fry spicy string beans served with minced shrimp and pork. It was really tasty but I found the meat chunks oddly too big that it didn't look that appealing. Overall though, it was deliciously done.

At the end of it all, I wouldn't mind another visit to Thaipan; especially because I'm just in love with its interior and exterior architectural design; and its wide array of Thai dishes to choose from.

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