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Fruit magic pioneered the juicing industry in the Philippines and is currently enjoying its popularity as the leading source of the freshest fruit juices and concoctions in the country. However, many still wonder how the store that gave us that bud-tickling smoothies, refreshing shakes, and nutritious juices came about. It was 1993 when the Hernandez and Escalona families, with the advice of their friends from the medical field shifted to healthy living. This includes an all-natural healthy diet free from preservatives and chemicals. It was almost impossible since only colas and artificial drinks flooded every restaurants and food stores. The real goodness of fresh drinks was nowhere to be found. To solve this problem and make it available to others with the same need, the two families created fruit magic. True to its logo “We Only Juice Fresh” and being a faithful advocate of the 5-a-day serving of colorful fruits and vegetables program caused by the World Health Organization (WHO), fruit magic guarantees only the freshest, healthiest, and the best fruit juices and concoctions in the land. Soon, you can be assured that there will be more fruit magic stores and many fun fruit combinations to choose from. continue reading
Sun.-Thu.10:00-21:00; Fri.-Sat.10:00-22:00
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