Top Ten Filipino Dishes

The Philippines is a wonderland of great food, exquisite cuisine, and ingenious cooking masters. Hailed as the third best cuisine in the world, we need not explain more why tourist adore what we serve them.

After months of collecting data to identify the Top Filipino Food, we finally came up with our very own list. Here is the OpenRice Top Ten Filipino food!

Let start with the top ten:

Ginisang Munggo

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A staple every Friday, this tradition is connected to the Filipino observance of the Lenten Season. We are not allowed or at least to abstain from eating meat specially on Good Friday. The best thing about munggo is its versatility – from tinapa, hibi, to beef or poultry, can be added to add flavor. Commonly added with malunggay leaves to pack in all the nutrients, bagoong alamang (shrimp paste), and chicharon to grace this sumptuous dish!


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What started out as a favorite pulutan among all social classes in the Philippines, the Sisig has invaded the Filipino dining table. Originally concocted with crispy mined pork and added with pork brains, the sisig has come along way. Variations and cooking style has evolved to conform to every Regional palate.


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We Filipinos love our feasts; the grandeur of every occasion is celebrated with a bounty of mouthwatering dishes cooked by the house elder or home chef. With our world-renowned trait of being the most hospitable, we never forget to treat our guests to their heart and tummy’s content. One dish is ever-present in any Filipino gathering, the Caldereta – goat or beef meat sautéed in rich tomato sauce added with lovely spices. This spicy dish is also creamy with cheese added for an explosion of great flavors!


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Nothing is wasted in the Filipino Kitchen, from the skin to the innards, a Filipino cook will always find a way to come up with a gastronomic masterpiece. Such is the Dinuguan. Pork blood is incorporated to sautéed pork meat or innards. It has a nice tangy taste from either vinegar or in other provinces, the young bud or samploc (tamarind) leaves are added.


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Our love for vegetables is inherent, our country being primarily an agricultural nation. Our top five Filipino food is the Pinakbet. A divine heterogeneous assortment of local vegetables: talong (eggplant), kalabasa (squash), sitaw (string beans), okra, and other products of our lands. It can be added with any kind of meat. What makes this stand out is the bagoong – bagoong alamang or bagoong isda that adds the saltiness and aromatics.


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Ooh how we love our cholesterol frenzy! But hey, this sumptuous dish is reserved by most for very special occasions like weddings and the like. Hours of preparation and cooking time is dedicated to make lechon have its lovely crispy skin and succulent moist meat.

Crispy Pata

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Hungry and with nothing to eat, a young man decided to raid their home’s fridge to find frozen pata (pig trotter). With his friends starving and itching to party, he deep-fried the pata and eureka! The crispy pata was born. Best dipped in flavored piquant vinegar, take it as it is for pulutan or prepare a mound full of rice!

Kare Kare

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Tualya (Ox Tripe), Pata (Pig Trotter), or Ox tail makes the best kare kare. The secret is for the meat to have a melts-in-your-mouth consistency while keeping a nice texture. The atsuete colored peanut sauce is the highlight of this masterpiece and added with crunchy vegetables – pechay, puso ng saging (banana blossom), string beans, and eggplants.


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Nope, this is only the second spot. If you check online you would read or hear Adobo as the top Filipino dish, but again this list is based a survey from food lovers around the country.

For our second top Filipino dish, ask any foreigner about their food adventure in the Philippines and they will never miss out on adobo. This age old recipe is originally Filipino, the Spaniards named it, and the Chinese added the Soy Sauce. Tangy and sometimes sweet, adobo has a long shelf life making it a favorite “pambaon” on long trips and summer escapades. Any meat can be made into adobo, and even vegetables too. The modern adobo sees a lot of ingredients added, from pineapple to eggs and potatoes.


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Most foreign written top ten Filipino food would always have adobo on top of the list, but this time the Filipinos have spoken – our own true favorite! The Sinigang is the Filipino Top Dish! With rice as a staple food, it is best paired with a hot bowl of tangy hot soup perfect for any season, any time of the day! Any meat can be made in to Sinigang, and the sourness can come from different elements from kamias, unripe mangoes, and tamarind to the natural sweet sour flavor of tomatoes!

OpenRice PH Editor