The New Bento Snack Meals added to Tokyo Tokyo's Great Selection of Japanese Goodness

The bento meal has always been a favorite among fast food lovers due to its convenience and appealing presentation, typical of a meticulous Japanese dish whose every detail is crafted with utmost care. But the fast food as the word implies is food delivered to you “fast” – and the essence of delicate Japanese presentation is somehow overlooked and is arguably understandable.

Tokyo Tokyo has pioneered the Philippine Japanese fast food chain and is continuously growing to serve the hungry Filipino. Needless to say, the bento meals have been a best seller among office workers and students. To further their cause of giving us good Japanese-style food, they have recently launched the new Snack Bento Sandwiches. The best part about it is that you can choose from a variety of side dishes – Potato balls, Nori Wasabi fries, and Onion Rings.

The potato balls are great although the size is quite small compared to other average potato ball goodies. I asked how these potato balls are different from other potato balls available in the market, and I was told that their version is concocted through a unique style of mashing the potato finely to achieve a rich texture and unleash its full flavor through the added secret spices. If you are a fan of hot fishy flavor, the Nori Wasabi fries is perfect for you. The Onion Rings is best eaten immediately as served, else it looses its crunch and will feel like eating a chewy hardened pastry. The side dishes goes well with the sweet tangy dip mixed with delightful herbs.

You can satisfy your hunger and choose from these three Bento Sandwich variants – the Mini Karaage Burger, Cheesy Beef Sandwich, and Seafood Kani Roll. True to its name, the mini Karaage is indeed miniature in size but is big on the belly with its crunchy fried chicken chunks filling drizzled with Teriyaki sauce and unique Japanese flavors.

Tokyo Tokyo’s Cheesy Beef Sandwich is topped with two strips of cheese sauce on each side of the bun and is sprinkled with tempura crumbs that is somewhat pleasing in terms of presentation but does not add anything special to the overall taste. I understand if it was intended to add crunch to the sandwich but it nevertheless made it messier to eat.

Japanese cuisine is synonymous to the fresh bounty of the sea. This very same premise has Tokyo Tokyo build another great sandwich called the Seafood Kani Roll. This seafood lover’s sandwich has fresh lettuce and cheese and of course kani crabsticks drizzled with Japanese sauce. Have a personalized taste adventure by mixing the bento sandwiches with your favorite side dish. This bento comes with a regular sized soft drink of your choice. It may be a bit pricey for an average Juan but it’s worth trying. The Karaage burger and Cheesy Beef sandwich costs Php 135 and the Seafood Kani Roll is sold for Php 125.

We are hoping that Tokyo Tokyo can come up with more budget-friendly meals so more people can enjoy Japanese goodness in our tropical country. It is also important to note that these bento meals are not ideal for take out, it may disappoint you if you have the onion rings as earlier mentioned, the same goes for the fries but the potato balls remain tasty.

So if you find yourself browsing through the Tokyo Tokyo menu, it’s best to try out these new offers. Mixing and matching has always been exciting for food lovers and this is exactly what Tokyo Tokyo has in mind to satisfy our food cravings.

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