Reinventing Food Classics at Kulinarya Kitchen

Kulinarya Kitchen may sound unfamiliar for some, but not with those who dine frequently in Rockwell. It's been cooking luscious dishes since the Power Plant Mall has opened and it's now one of the most reputable dining places in the vicinity, renowned for its distinctive combination of classic European and Asian flavors.

Despite having tight competition, Kulinarya Kitchen managed to hold its ground in attracting patrons by weaving comfort and style. The interior is elegantly clad in a bracing modern way utilizing shades of white and black punctuated by hues of red and yellow that speaks of sophistication. It also considered the furniture to be used to make every stay worthwhile.

Kulinarya Kitchen's menu holds a lot of great food promises. It offers a vast choice of exquisite Eurasian dishes and culinary treasures that would surely surprise diners. To start it off, here's a very innovative take of Kulinarya Kitchen on the world's famous maki.

Unlike the usual, this Seafood Salad Maki is fried, which gives it an interesting crisp and flaky texture. Also, its epicurean taste can impress every palate without any help from a dip. The sauce is mixed with the filling instead of serving it on the side.

The kitchen has also included some of the classic dishes around the globe but given some twist to spice things up a little bit. On the left is a different version of buffalo chicken, this Asian Buffalo Chicken has less spicy taste than the usual and it shows off the sweeter side of the dish. The chicken remains crisp even if its smothered with the sauce.

On the other side is the White Cheese Pizza; plain looking and very simple yet brimming with layers of lavish cheese flavors. The combination of the parmesan, mozarella and creamed cheese made it so much palatable and the kesong puti on top makes it remarkable.

Diners can also indulge on some fresh green salads of Kulinarya Kitchen. Crab Mango Salad(left) and Harvest Salad(right) both stand equally good and have their own unique taste. The former is more on the sweet side while the latter has a stronger balsamic flavor.

Kulinarya Kitchen offers a wide variety for the main course that will definitely suit every diner's demanding taste. Each classic dish are turned into extraordinary ones, thus making it more gripping and satisfying just like what they did with the famous Spanish dishes Beef Salpicao and Gamberi Pasta. Succulent is the best way to describe the meat used in the salpicao, the thick buttery sauce has a very strong garlicky flavor. As for the pasta, it's firm and satiny with a balance of saltiness on the taste. But it's the plump and juicy shrimps that made it stand out even more.

Another delectable dish one must not miss are the Grilled Asian Salmon and US Top Blade Steak. The salmon is smothered with some lemon that takes away the stink and smell of the fish. It adds a citrus taste on it that goes well with its oyster sauce. Lastly the steak! It is one of the most decadent dish spotted on the fare. It's peppery and piquant characteristic are the best thing about it, the chewy slices of meat are so tender. Just pour some red wine sauce and you'll find the way to cloud nine!

Discovering Kulinarya Kitchen will not be complete without indulging with its luscious and tempting sweet concoctions. The Choco Lava cake, Buko Pandan Panacotta and Suman Latik Fritters with mango flambe are the top contenders for the desserts.

Photos courtesy of Margaret Gomez.
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