Julie’s Bakeshop: 30 years of Good Bread for Filipinos

Julie's Bakeshop

Bread has always been part of the Filipino dining culture for as long as history takes us. Despite the emergence of different meal choices, especially for breakfast, Pinoys still always look for their traditional fresh pan de sal in the morning. Though many have begun to choose different bread variants to fill their mornings, the essence of the culture remains.

This Pinoy breakfast culinary culture has flourished and one of those who successfully contributed to it is Julie’s Bakeshop that has been serving hundreds of Filipinos everyday for 30 years now.

Humble Beginnings
Julie’s Bakeshop opened its first store on January 6, 1981. Its foundations lie on a vision of becoming the “country’s largest bakeshop chain” which serves fresh bread to all of its customers. Since then, Julie’s Bakeshop has never stopped providing bread, fresh off the oven to Filipinos in over 500 stores nationwide.

Why We Love Julie’s Bakeshop

Curiosity gets us - what is the reason behind Julie’s Bakeshop’s phenomenal success? Why do Filipinos go straight to the nearest Julie’s bakeshop for breakfast, and even for merienda, instead of other bakeries?

I discovered it when I was given the chance to see how Julie’s Bakeshop operated in one of their branches in Rosario, Pasig city.

There were so many breads on display, each looked so appetizing. The breads were lined up one after the other, variant after variant with names that are familiar to many regular customers. I, for one, is a fan of pan de sal and pan de coco but they offer a lot more than that like their Choco German, Chicken Bun, Mongo Loaf, Egg Pie, Brownies and many more with a maximum of 70 variants in one store.

As I got a tour of their operations, I found out the secrets: all breads are made meticulously and served fresh - only true to its owner’s vision of a bakeshop. All breads can never sit on display for more than 8 hours from the time they were taken out of the oven. Their ingredients are also fresh with absolutely no preservatives. All of its customers can be rest assured that all breads are of good quality - not only because they are always served fresh but also because the company has detailed quality assurance team who always makes sure that the breads are made in the utmost standards of Julie’s Bakeshop.

Going to what everyone must be concerned about: the taste. Julie’s Bakeshop let us try some of their newest bread creations to hit their bakeries in the next months. There were the Ube Loaf, Choco Coffee Overload and the Red Mongo Loaf which costs Php55 pesos each. We also had the Chicken Roll, Violet Cream Loaf and the Banana Pineapple Loaf.

The breads are soft and the texture suits well. The flavors that they were able to infuse into the breads are quite surprising. The ube flavor was so evident unlike others I’ve had before. I’m personally not a fan of ube but I can assure that this loaf variant is something that fans and non-fans will surely enjoy. I would recommend pairing the chocolate and coffee flavors of the Choco Coffee Overload with coffee. Everybody agreed that the Chicken Roll is a good snack for students’ pambaon while the Banana Pineapple loaf, with its sweet flavors, is good for afternoon snack for employees. Aside from bread, Julie’s Bakeshop now also sells their peanut butter and it’s newest drinks the Julie’s Kape a delicious blend of the choicest coffee beans and Julie’s Hot Choco a Hot Chocolate laden with powerful antioxidants.

Hungry for bread? Head now to the nearest Julie’s Bakeshop because 30 years of serving the Filipinos will not stop them from bringing out the best of their creations to the Pinoy table.

OpenRice PH Editor