Have a Good Time at UNO Pizzeria

If you’re looking for good food and a good time, UNO Pizzeria is definitely the place to be. There, laid out in simple truth is the fact that this restobar is probably one of the best places to be to hang out and chill when you’re around the SM Mall of Asia. The restobar is at Seaside Drive where you can get a nice view of the sunset right before the establishment opens at six o’clock in the evening.

The restobar is spacious, the ceiling high and the interiors in red, white and black theme. There are quite a number of chairs and tables enough to accommodate a huge number of guests. They also have a VIP corner that is elevated on a platform and right beside the DJ’s booth.

As the evening went by, the lights grew dimmer, the red and white theme turned into orange and electric blue and the music set by the DJ starts played hits on the background. The mood was set for partying – but not quite yet without the scrumptious foods prepared by UNO Pizzeria to the OpenRicers and bloggers who came to sample UNO’s best.

As the word “pizzeria” came with the restaurant name, we expected pizza delights. True enough, first on the table was their Four Seasons Pizza, a pizza divided into 4 delightful flavors of Tandoori Chicken Mango, West Side Shrimp Pesto, Ruby Ribs and Uno’s White Pizza. If you want to sample four of Uno’s flavors, this is your order.

If you’d like to cut back on the meat and have some seafood instead, you can try UNO’s Seafood Pizza. For shrimp lovers, you’re going to love this. The shrimp is perfectly cooked and the cheese, just right.

What’s really good about any pizza at UNO is the crust. Their crust, even for the thick-crust type, is really soft and light. It’s not as heavy like any other crust which makes their pizzas more enjoyable to eat.

For the entrees, we were lucky to have a taste of their Ruby Ribs, Buffalo Wings and Chicken Barbeque. The ribs are tender and we love the sides of fries that came with it. Praises to the Buffalo Wings which we believe everybody would love. It’s not as spicy as other, but the thick coating is really tasty and delicious. It might be the best match if you’re having buckets of beer on the table.


The menu also has pasta selections and we tried the Pesto Chicken Parmigiana, light pesto pasta dish topped with chicken fillet and Jumpin’ Jambalaya,the pasta take on the Jambalaya dish with unique sauce, meat and vegetables. It’s one of the must-try.

Our night was just starting. While we were having our meal, the music was turned up and the lights dimmed to party mode. The servers placed two towers of cocktail on the table –Margarita and Weng-Weng.The DJ took his place on the booth and started to rock the place with dance music. We give kudos to the DJ who really knew how to make the people dance. Surely, with that kind of vibe, we couldn’t resist but move our bodies to the tune and just have a good time.

If you want to experience good food and fun brought to the next level, bring your friends at UNO Pizzeria.

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