Fall in love with Isabelo!

Most of us need a sweet escape, a haven where our privacy is being value, a place where we can enjoy the solemnity of the night and cherish every moment with our much-loved while munching on delectable dishes without having to rush. All these can be found in one secret paradise within Marikina -
Isabelo Garden Restaurant!

I guess you are curious who Isabelo is. The name is not the owner’s name, not even the owner’s friends or relatives.

Portia Baluyut (owner) had a hard time having all proposed name approved so she just simply named it after the street where it is located.

The secret restaurant is surrounded by tall walls and it doesn’t have any signage which made it more difficult to find. Well, precious treasures are truly hard to discover.  However, once you’ve entered upon the big Silver Gate, it’s like you are in seventh heaven.

The whole place is attractive and has a romantic feel to it, with light and earthy hues punctuated by artistic paintings and handicrafts. You’ll definitely fall in love with Isabelo.

Adding up to this breath-taking paradise is Isabelo’s flattering platters. Their exceptionally good meals will make you love this paradise even more. Prices are relatively modest, especially given the quality.

As appetizers, Pinoy tuscan salad, Spinach Artichoke dip, Apple Cranberry bread and Greens with roasted veggies are perfection.  Veggies were served fresh and crisp while the dips complement the crunchy breads well. It’s superbly a good way to entice your appetite.

As main courses, the Slow-cooked Beef Ribs served with veggies & Bleu cheese dressing is one of the most delicious pieces of beef we’ve ever tasted. The beef is tender and extremely rich with flavors, it’s so good that we almost forgot to eat its side dish and dip! Roasted Pork Crackling is heavenly but sinful for those in their diet!! Pork is cooked into perfection to unleash the juiciness of meat and to achieve the crispiness of skin pork, it’s just simply irresistible. Honey Bacon Pizza is a good addition to this set of meal, at first look it may seem to be just an ordinary pizza but there’s something in its dough that makes you want to get some more. And a perfect way to munch it all is with Isabelo’s lemon parsley garlic rice.

Just when you think you can't eat any more, Isabelo Garden Restaurant offers a range of special desserts, including a unique twist on the usual watermelon sorbet, key lime mini pie and mango float.

Their desserts especially the watermelon sorbet makes you feel refreshed after a hefty meal. It helps in taking away the feeling of being fed up. It’s like you’re ready again for another round of Isabelo’s lip-smacking dishes.

The restaurant's atmosphere is romantic and, at the same time, almost homey, making Isabelo Garden Restaurant a very pleasant dining place. It’s a perfect place for couples to free their romantic sides and to just enjoy each other’s company.

For the short time I’ve been in this paradise I can say that I fell in love with Isabelo!

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