Blast from the Past: 10 Classic Food Establishment Commercials You’ll Surely Remember!

Advertisements play a big role in establishing brands and they help convey the message each restaurant wants to share. And sometimes, it hits us to the core. More than just encouraging the public to support their products, these T.V. commercials are able to make us laugh, touch us, move us, and inspire us. And most successful T.V. commercials are the ones people don’t forget and gives its viewers a lasting impression.

Here’s a rundown of classic food joint commercials that will ultimately walk us down memory lane!

Goldilocks Remember when acronyms were such a huge thing before?

Mang Inasal Though it seems no known actors were featured in this advertisement, the true star of what makes it so successful is their offering of unlimited rice.

Red Ribbon A household staple during the Holidays, Red Ribbon emphasizes the importance of sharing their cakes among family member.

Pancake House Using just a montage of photos for this commercial, Pancake House creates a simple message about different kinds of loving relationships.

McDonald's One of Mcdo’s famous commercials, this heartfelt commercial touched so many people that in turn, gave actress Karen Delos Reyes an acting career!

Pizza Hut Who would believe it has been 9 years since Pizza Hut’s famous cheesy pops were first introduced in the market? It was the craze back then!

Max’s Just like a mini teleserye, this Max’s episodic commercial wants us to know what happens next!

Jollibee An aged Jollibee commercial, Carmina shows us how Jollibee can instantly make you happy.

Greenwich Who would even turn down an Anne Curtis?

KFC This still makes me laugh and slightly grossed out!

OpenRice PH Editor