A “Happy House” in Marikina City

It was a hot and prickly Saturday evening which I decided to spend at a friend’s house together with three more girlfriends. When we got hungry, we all went out for a walk instead of just dialing a pizza delivery hotline. And guess what we have found somewhere around the corner of the next street—a house of sweets!

Just like the widely known story of Hansel and Gretel, we found ourselves being lured inside the house. It has a wide and inviting entrance, enough to let a car pass through it. There are four to five white tents fairly arranged on the patch. Each tent shields its own set of chairs and tables. The place is surrounded with a green background of fresh plants and trees. A walkway is situated at the left side, with the short path ending to a small shop with glass shelves that displayed delightful cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies and more kinds of pastries.

Casa Feliz Facade

More than a fairytale setting, it was a house and front yard turned into a lovely cake shop—Casa Feliz Cakes & Pastries. Located along the residential places of Hacienda Heights in Marikina City, the cake shop is literally a happy house with “feliz” being a Spanish word for happy and “casa” meaning house. Casa Feliz prides itself as the first sansrival cake shop in Marikina. It has also become known for its anti-oxidant Vida Verde Tea Cake which is green tea mixed with crispy pistachio wafer and topped with fresh fruits.

Casa Feliz - Food 1

Being extremely addicted to berries and cheeses, I didn’t think twice to try the strawberry cheesecake from the Queso Royale line (senorita size for only Php92). Unsurprisingly, it was as mouth-watering and comforting as it should be. I also had a tempting mouthful of the Banana Crema Pie (senorita size for only Php80), which was as delicioso as all the pasteles y postes (cakes and desserts) from the set of choices. The banana slices were served frozen between the cream and crust, making the pie not just a velvety dessert but also a sustaining refreshment perfect for the season. Its custard, crust made from crushed graham crackers, whipped cream and toffee caramel sauce were simply irresistible that they made me helplessly beg for more.

Food 2

Other best-sellers are Pastel de Uva and Rosa Pavlova which should be pre-ordered, and the Sano Carrot Cake which is freshly grated carrot mixed with butter. All these cakes come at very affordable prices, allowing customers to keep their sweet tooth evenly satisfied. Casa Feliz is, beyond doubt, a happy house!

Casa Feliz - Food 3

The happy house in Marikina also offers pertivos (appetizers), desayunos (breakfast), pasta, pizza and sandwiches for those who want to take a hot meal before they indulge on a divine dessert. For more information, please visit www.casafelizcakes.com or call 933-6653.

-       Myka Santiago
*photos courtesy of the Casa Feliz website.

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