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Tinumis is a pork dish popular in Nueva Ecija that bears a few similarities to the more-recognized Dinuguan, particularly the main ingredients and of course, the general coloring of the dish (dark brown or black).

This is my grandmother's recipe, a family favorite and at the sight of this all intentions of going on diets disappear. I don't know if this is how Tinumis is made all around Nueva Ecija but it's certainly the recipe from General Tinio (Papaya).

(Recipe is in Tagalog)
Difficulty: Novice
Cook Time
Time: 1 Hour  
Cuisine: Filipino
Categories of Cuisine: Soup
Major Ingredients: Pork
Method: Bake
Source: Family Recipe
Clicks: 11082 | Comment: 2
Ingredient and Portion:
Tinadtad o giniling na baboy at konting atay.
Dahon ng sampalok (kung meron).
Siling pansigang (yung green).
Dugo ng Baboy.
1) Lagyan ng asin ang karne.
2) Maggisa ng bawang at sibuyas at ilagay ang karne. Sangkutsahin nang mabuti.
3) Kapag nasangkutsa na at malambot na, ilagay ang dugo ng baboy.
4) Kapag kumulo at luto na, ilagay ang sampalok, dahon ng sampalok, sili at vetsin.
5) Pakuluin nang mabuti at tikman.
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Jun Azarcon
0 Review(s)
2013-01-05 09:43124.105.x.x

This morning I just had this weird craving for Tinumis, I am also from Papaya
and this is really one of the dish na miss na miss ko. Thaks sa recipe now I
can do it myself, parang umuwi na rin ako sa Papaya nito! smile

0 Review(s)
*le2010-09-23 14:45121.97.x.x

One of my favorite...

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