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Location: Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Ecija, 3100
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Ala Carte/Sit-down
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Hazel A. Cabrera
Rustica Cabanatuan: Poor Service
Cries 2011-08-28

We've just celebrated today the christening of my first born son at Rustica Cabanatuan branch. We chose this restaurant because the food selection is great, and we were really satisfied every time we dine here not until today...

Rustica has undeniably great tasting foods but they have poor customer service in terms of functions and events. Most of them are not courteous, and they don't serve with a smile. As if they're having a hard time even if the event hasn't started yet... After the buffet was started, all their staff left us all alone in the function hall. I need to go and look for them everytime we need some assistance. Foods were served buffet style for our guests, and family style service only for the family table.. No staff/ crew is left in the buffet table to assists our guests. On the other hand, our family requested for family style service for ease and convenience but unfortunately it wasnt any convenient. When we asked for additional serving of dishes, one of the staff said "naiserve na po nmin lahat para sa family table". I told her "ibig mong sabihin papatuyuin ko sila para kumuha?" then she nodded... What's the sense of a family style service when you have to go to the buffet table? and hey, all the dishes were paid so why not serve them? And hey, hey, hey, we paid not just for the dish but for the service as well... and it must be good...

There were lots of food left after the event, so we decided to take it home. We requested for styro containers but their crew said that styro are chargeable items (5php/piece). Huh?!? Where on earth have you seen a restaurant that would charge its customers for foods packed on styro containers? Karinderya ba or turo- turo para mag charge ng styro? haller... So we just let it go, ok charge kung charge... But it doesn't end there... Their staff didn't help us to pack the foods... Only one of them helped us when we finally asked... Poor service!

In summary, great tasting dishes served on special occasions were the talk of the town after the event. But mind you people that no matter how delectable your dishes are, if your service is poor, it overshadows the taste of your dish... and in a business like yours, courtesy is the key to bring your customers back... Customers look for great tasting foods, courteous staff, and quality service... Your tag line should be: Rustica... good foods, poor service..

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