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From Pond to Plate
Smile 2011-05-16
When in San Pablo and looking for Filipino food, go to Palmera's. The restaurant is near the newly built SM San Pablo. And can easily be spotted as there are signs pointing to it.

 To Parking Area

We went last October so it was all decked out in halloween decor.

 Pumpkins everywhere

Palmera's can also be a venue for weddings, debuts, baptismals, birthdays, anniversaries. there are function halls and then there's also an open area where you can overlook the fish pond. In the middle of a fish pond there is a gazebo.

 Function Hall

 Gazebo in the middle of the fish pond

The main feature of this restaurant is the freshness of the tilipia served to you. My dad always gets the crispy tilapia because it comes straight from the pond to the oil, it can't get any fresher than that!

   Tilapia swimming about

The restaurant also has a live band that plays on a stage like balcony while you eat. At night, the place lights up as it is decorated with Christmas lights. There are lots to see in this restaurant and while waiting for the food you can roam around and look at the fish or even take pictures near the grotto.


 Hammering the Filipino theme

The food is standard Filipino fare and it tastes like home cooking. I'd have to say that the thing that really sets this restaurant apart is their setting.

 The Menu

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Crispy Tilapia

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