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DEC 11

My friend invited me to join her and her parents to have a buffet dinner located somewhere in Quezon Avenue. She said it was her treat because she just got her bonus. smile

Sir Boy's Food Republique

Sir Boy's Food Republique - Sir Boy Food Republique in Tomas Morato )
Sir Boy's Food Republique
She told me that we will have our dinner at Sir Boy's Food Republique. I haven't heard about this but she again said that this will also be her first time to dine there. She heard from a colleague that their buffet is only P99 and it includes several Filipino dishes, BBQ, Chicken, Seafood, dimsum, and dessert. Sounds interesting. smile

When we arrived there, the place was filled with so many customers. It took us like 15 minutes to finally get a parking space. I assumed that the food is really good because you see the people that they are enjoying themselves and helping themselves for another serving.

Many Customers

Many Customers - Sir Boy Food Republique in Tomas Morato )
Many Customers
We got a place right away which is a good thing because after a few minutes, the place was packed. It was actually difficult to move.


Buffet - Sir Boy Food Republique in Tomas Morato )
Everything was okay until the time we stood up and get our food. Would you believe that they only have 5 types of dishes contrast to what my friend heard and read over the internet? They have Chicken Stew (which tasted like adobo), Pancit Bam-i, Lechon Kawali with Lechon Sauce, Steamed Dory, and Pinakbet. They have two types of dessert: A very liquidy Buko Pandan and Green Bico.

I was disappointed because whenever you will get new serving, you will be the one to bring your plate in exchange of a cleaned one. I am sorry but the place was like a "carinderia" to me. Was it because it was just P99? And their water, it was self-service. I felt pity for my friend because both of her parents are already in their Senior so she always stands up to get them water every now and then.

The food was cold. The Lechon Kawali was so hard. The Pinakbet was too salty. The fish was tasteless. The only thing that I appreciate was the pancit and the potato soup.

The service was really awful. I saw that the line for the exchanging of plates for a cleaned one was building up that is making their customers really anxious.

I really don't know why it was like this. Why the food tasted bland and why they can not organize the place. I keep going back to the fact that because the buffet was less than a hundred. If this is the reason, does this mean that we shouldn't avail cheap thrills anymore?

Pancit and Lechon Kawali

Pancit and Lechon Kawali - Sir Boy Food Republique in Tomas Morato )
Pancit and Lechon Kawali

Potato Soup

Potato Soup - Sir Boy Food Republique in Tomas Morato )
Potato Soup
My office mate once told me that she heard that there is a restaurant in Quezon City that serves buffet the costs less than a hundred. I didn't believe her at first because P99 was too low for...