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Via Mare Oyster Bar

Via Mare Oyster Bargood food! great f..a cup of tea Php90Guinataang Halo-..Bibingka Php 115Monggo Soup Php 1..Wall Exterior
Location: Ground Level, Streetscape Shangri-la Plaza Mall Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Ortigas  
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Monday to Sunday 8:00am-11:00pm
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Via Mare
Smile 2011-02-05
Via Mare is one Filipino dining experience and one branch can be located at Edsa Shangri-la Mall. After a long time of not seeing each other, two girl friends of mine decided to watch a movie at Shangri-la and after such a wonderful bonding time at the cinemas we went around the mall in search for a place to eat and wait for the guys and we ended up at Via Mare.

Surroundings and Service:
The place is located outside the mall in line with all the other restaurants that close late. At first glance, you may notice that it looks really fancy and the food might be a little expensive but it's quite affordable. They have a bar inside the restaurant with tables good for two to large groups of people. They also have tables outside the resto for people who enjoy the fresh air.

It took a while before we were given a place to sit inside and somehow we started to get a little impatient. It was a good thing we were enjoying chit chatting with each other and we were not starving as we just wanted a place to catch up more on each other and order dessert or two.

Monggo Soup - the night was pretty cold and even inside the resto, it was a little chilly. So a bowl of soup was the best choice. I know that the Monggo Soup was more of a traditional part of a Filipino dish served with rice but my friend wanted to have that. In the menu it indicated that it was good for 2 but to our surprise, it was good for more than 2. It was served steaming hot and filled with lots of monggo beans, green leafy veggie and strips of tripe. One spoonful of it was heartwarming and really great during a cold weather.

Bibingka with Laguna Cheese and Salted Duck Egg - I ordered their special Bibingka which is also great for sharing. It is served with shredded coconut, smothered with butter and filled with cheese and duck egg. Bibingka is actually a cake that is sweet with a touch of saltness from the cheese and most especially from the duck egg. They do have one of the best Bibingkas in town as it is flavorful, moist and with every bite you could taste the different ingredients mixed into it.

Guinataang Halo-Halo - Another Filipino traditional dessert a combination of taro, banana, jackfruit, sweet potato of course my favorite ingredient, the rice dumplings. This dish can be pretty heavy in the stomach which is actually great. My friend ordered this and I had a taste of the rice dumpling which had a sticky texture but full of flavorful plus a piece of sweet potato, which I may say was cooked to perfection, as it was not too mushy nor was it hard. It happened just melt inside your mouth.

Hot Tea - after ordering a couple of heavy meals , there is nothing better than to drink a cup of hot tea.

Until next time! =)

 Wall Exterior

   Monggo Soup Php 160

   Bibingka Php 115

   Guinataang Halo-Halo Php 85

   a cup of tea Php90

 good food! great friends! =)

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