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Location: Quirino Avenue cor Regalado St., Greater Lagro, Quezon City, Fairview, 1121  
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Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
You can ride any commuting public vehicle going to SM City Fairview Quezon City, Metro Manila
Ala Carte/Sit-down
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Panciteria Lido: A Taste of China!
Smile 2011-11-11
Panciteria Lido's name is deceiving. One might think that it specializes in selling only pancit that caters to Filipino palate, but no! It actually sells reasonably priced Chinese food. Name it, and they have it. Their menu ranges from roast station, siopao and dimsums, beef, fish, chicken, pork, shrimp, mami, congee, pandesal, soup, dessert and vegetable variations. It's just overwhelming because I just love Chinese food!

Looking at their menu makes me excited to order. It's not just because the prices are very reasonable, but because the entrees look really enticing. Thus, we ordered the following:

1. 3 Cups Chicken (P295)-This is indeed a must-try. I highly recommend this!!! It's just like Adobo, but so much better. It's marinated in such a way where you can truly taste goodness with every bite. The sauce alone can even pass as the main dish. It's just that good!

2. 16-Spice Shantung Pork (P259)-The pork is amazingly tender and very flavorful. The fusion of the spices are just perfect! I can tell that these have been marinated with various spices, which I cannot fully decipher. I'm just pretty sure that there's oyster sauce, star anise, pepper, salt, sugar, cinnamon and calamansi/lemon. 16 spices are just too good to be true, but I'd really want to get hold of its recipe! A must order too!!!

3. Steamed Fish Fillet with House Soy (P255)-This tastes kind of bland and watery. It tastes like soy sauce just literally poured on the fish, with no added spices. The fish is tender though.

4. Chami Special (P195)- It's more than just any ordinary Pancit. It's filled with a lot of toppings; thus very flavorful.

5. Yang Chow Fried Rice (P205)-This lacks flavoring, color, and toppings.

6. Sweet & Sour Pork (P235)-I like the sweet and sour pork of other Chinese Restaurants. Here, the sauce is quite unappealing to my taste and the pork is not crunchy/crispy enough.

In the end, I asked why is it named Panciteria Lido. And I learned that it's because the chef/owner's name is Mr. Lido. Hahaha!

 Their Bestsellers!

   3 Cups Chicken

   Steamed Fish Fillet with House Soy

   Sweet and Sour Pork

   Yang Chow Fried Rice Mucho

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3 Cups Chicken, 16 Spice Shantung Pork

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