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meeting at kusinerong pinoy :)
Smile 2010-10-26
I live on my own in the city so I always miss home-cooked meals from the province. I get easily tired of the usual fare from the fast food joints and miss Filipino classics like adobo or sinigang with a few cups of white rice. At work, we often frequent the canteens in the area to get our Filipino foodie fix. I'm glad that I had the chance to spend time with my Singles for Christ group at another proudly Pinoy restaurant last week.

It's a very simple and humble place perfect for those that are looking for good food at an affordable price. The food can be chosen "turo-turo" or "paluto". The turo-turo style means the food is already prepared and laid out inside a glass container for you to choose your desired dish. Paluto style means that there are raw ingredients there and you can choose the one you'd like for them to cook for you.

Among the turo-turo dishes, my friends and I chose Bulalo and their house specialty, Beef Caldereta. For the paluto, we chose a raw squid that they would serve as Inihaw na Pusit. We were given beef broth soup in small bowls to enjoy while we waited. After less than 10 minutes, we were served with the dishes.

The Bulalo was perfect for the gloomy weather. The flavor of the beef was really present in the savory soup. The vegetables were crisp, fresh and not overcooked and the meat itself was tender. It was also easy to chew and not gummy or rubbery.

It's no surprise that the Beef Caldereta is a best-seller. The meat is delicious and it is seasoned and flavored well. The sauce is rich and thick. It has a robust and spicy taste that we really enjoyed.

The Inihaw na Pusit was very satisfying. The squid was fresh and supple. It had a subtle seafood taste that was enhanced by the smoky flavor from the grill. It was stuffed with cheese and onions to bring the appetizing dish to a new and delicious level.

There were five of us in that group and we had three kinds of ulam and a cup of rice for only P97 each. Kusinerong Pinoy absolutely offers great value for our hard-earned money smile




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