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Location: 862 Banawe St. cor. Linao St. Quezon City, Banawe  
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Chinese Food From Banawe
Smile 2011-04-11
There really is something about Chinese food that makes me and my family crave for some everytime we go out to have dinner. We were actually at a mall Somewhere in Ortigas when we decided to have dinner. Have you ever felt like you've tried every restaurant and fast food in a certain mall that you just couldn't choose any food place in spite of the fact that you have a lot of choices? Well, that's what we felt. Because of this my dad decided to move from the mall to a street called Banawe.

 Hap Chan Tea

Banawe is one of the famous streets in Quezon City, not only because it's the prime hub for car parts and accessories, but also because it has a wide variety of food places that you could choose from, most of which are Chinese restaurants. We actually spent around 15 minutes just looking for a good food place in the long Banawe street. We finally ended up in a Chinese restaurant named Hap Chan Tea House. It's not the top ranked when it comes to recommended Chinese restaurants in the Metro, but the food here is really delicious.

   Milk Tea


My family ordered the Hap Chan Special Hot Pot, the Steamed Fish (I think it was a lapu-lapu), Sweet and Sour Pork, and Yang Chow Fried Rice (as per my brother's request). I ordered Hap Chan's milk tea for my drink. I have to say, the milk tea was delicious. It had that right balance of milk and tea that really hit the spot for me. The hot pot was also good, though the only problem for me was that it was not hot enough. I actually expected that since it was a 'hot pot', we would be served a piping hot dish. But, it was just warm. The taste, however, was just right. I liked it despite the flaw. The steamed fish was delicious. The fish was flaky and very soft. My only problem is that it had too much garlic for me. If the garlic was lessened, then this would be an excellent dish. The rice was delicious. Well, Chinese restaurants never do this wrong, anyways. Overall, I'd say that what we ate was really good.

   Hap Chan Hot Pot

   Steamed Fish

   Yang Chow Rice

   Sweet & Sour Pork

Hap Chan is one of those places that serve delicious Chinese dishes. It might not be the most affordable or the restaurant with the biggest servings, but it should be known for a fact that this restaurant serves delicious Chinese dishes that you should try out. Do try this food place out and see what I mean. ^_^

 Hap Chan = Yummy Chinese food! :)

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Milk Tea, Hap Chan Special Hot Pot, Steamed Fish, Yang Chow Fried Rice


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