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Yummy Siopao and Merienda
Smile 2010-10-21
I was with my parents and my uncle on our way home when we decided to have a snack before we hit the road. Whenever my parents go to Manila to do some work, they always pass by Kowloon House at West Avenue to buy some "pasalubong" for my brothers and sister. My parents would usually buy siopao for them. Before, the place looked like it was on the verge of closure. There were banners surrounding the place stating that employees are on strike. When we visited them recently with my uncle who came from the US, it was a better place. The employees are back and the drive-thru lane is open again. There's a dine-in area where people can have a snack. Also, they now offer short orders like noodles, pancit, and some rice meals. The waiters were very kind, telling us what their bestsellers are and what we should try on the menu. We ordered Beef Wanton noodles and Asado Siopao. Kowloon's beef wanton noodles is absolutely delicious. The wanton is perfect, the beef is very soft, and the noodles are delicious as well. The noodles they used were like angel hair pasta (well, a bit thicker) rather than the usual "miki" noodles. Adding some calamansi, some soy sauce, and some chili past would definitely make the beef wanton more delicious. The siopao, on the other hand, were also delicious. One order of siopao consists of already two pieces of Asado pao. So, one order would be good for two persons already. The siopao was also hot. The siopao was just filled with the asado filling, which is a really good thing. I didn't like the sauce, though. Kowloon's siopao sauce has a spicy kick. I'd prefer the original sweet siopao sauce. Overall, it's definitely a wonderful place to have a snack with your family or with your friends.

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Siopao (Asado and Bola-Bola), Beef Wanton Noodles


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