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Kalye Juan

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Approx. Php200 (Lunch)
JUN 11

Despite being a frequent visitor of Robinson's Place Manila during my college years, it was only recently that I was able to try Kalye Juan.
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The restaurant is decorated simply, which isn't a problem since the food is the real highlight of this place.
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Kalye Juan serves classic Filipino food, plus a few things, such as Balot, which you usually don't find in restaurants. Bonus: Kalye Juan's menus serves as the diners' placemats.
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You get free kropek while waiting for your meal; a bonus if you're already starving.
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I ordered the Lechonsilog. I honestly thought that it would be "lechon", as in the typical lechon you'd find at Baliwag's Lechon, etc. This particular lechon, however, was lechon kawali. The egg, which I expected to be sunny side up (like you would normally find in -silog meals) was served scrambled with tomatoes. It tasted amazing, though. The lechon wasn't greasy and tasted great even without the sauce. The egg was also well-cooked. I'd eat it as a main course.
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My boyfriend ordered Pork Sisiglog. It's lean (which I like) and not crispy (which I don't). tongue Both meals were very filling so dessert (tibok-tibok!) was out of the question.
my brother and I are both fond of eating street foods, but we were always scolded by our mother, because she is always telling us that street foods were already polluted because of the vehicles that p...
We roamed around Robinsons Place Ermita looking for a place to eat. My hubby's family love Filipino food. We have already at Bacolod Chicken and Dencio's until we finally made a stop...