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Kalye Juan
Smile 2010-07-05
We roamed around Robinsons Place Ermita looking for a place to eat. My hubby's family love Filipino food. We have already at Bacolod Chicken and Dencio's until we finally made a stop over at Kalye Juan. The place was crowded on a Sunday night. Though there were a lot of people, the waiters were attentive, fast and polite.
I was surprised to see that most of the meals only cost around 200. For a change, we didn't order the usual sisig and fried chicken. We had inihaw na liempo, pinaputok na tilapia,and bangus belly sinigang. I hate it when the sinigang isn't sour enough but theirs give you little chills everytime you take a sip. The liempo and tilapia were smoking hot when served and we definitely enjoyed it.
It's always nice to feel as if you're home away from home. The food tastes like ordinary ones that your mom would cook with a special kick. Plus the good service and the attractive cartoons on the wall make you feel really full and comfortable.

 kalye juan

 nice drawings

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pinaputok na tilapia

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