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If there is one thing that could describe Winebar 1771, it would be variety. Well, why not? The food, the music, the whole place – there really is something to it that would not allow you to think of any other word.

Located at El Pueblo, Ortigas, Winebar 1771 is a fine dining restaurant minus the fine dining formality. First impression-wise, Winebar 1771 could be pretty intimidating with the entire concept of the place. They have grand chandeliers illuminating the whole area, granite tabletops, and a gentleman's lounge atmosphere.

Winebar 1771 makes sure that the ambiance of the restaurant would be preserved by playing music that is not too loud that their guests can't even talk with each other. They are committed in delivering a world-class dining experience for everyone who will dine at their place. Winebar 1771 shares the same roof with three other restaurants namely Café 1771, Chateau and Sidebar. As a continuation of their restaurant downstairs, Winebar wanted to capture the idea of people eating and drinking at the same time in a cozy place.

Cyrus Cruz, the Marketing Manager of Winebar 1771, said that the place looks high-end but the truth is, they are serving casual food like steaks, burgers and oysters – and this is exactly what we're served.

For the appetizers, Winebar 1771 took out their best: Oyster rockefeller, “8 baked Aklan oysters topped with creamy spinach, bacon and cheese” and Salbacho (Salami, Bacon, and Chorizo) pizza, which is a 1771 staple. Both are new to my taste buds. I have tasted a lot of pizzas in my life but this one is definitely heavenly. And the oysters? Simply irresistible. I feel like I could finish the whole platter.

Grilled Angus Ribeye with mushroom gravy, a “300g of pure Certified Angus Beef” with a side of salad greens were served next. Together with the steak came the Winebar burger, the Chorizo pasta and the Spicy Sardines pasta. The night has just started, I thought. The steak was grilled medium rare so it retains its natural flavor. It is easy to cut and easy to chew. You will surely yearn for more. It really justifies Cyrus' claim that the Winebar 1771 steak is pretty straightforward.

Meanwhile, the burger is unique in one special way – by eating it “the 1771 way”. How? Instead of mayonnaise, it comes with a side of bone marrow. You are given the liberty to spread the bone marrow to your burger as much as you like (Just make sure to consume it fast before it turns greasy). The Chorizo pasta is a home-made pasta made by an old lady from Dasmariñas (Café 1771 is the only place that serves this kind of pasta, with this kind of recipe – a truly unique dish).

Winebar 1771 also served us with something to nibble: their crispy 5-spice fried chicken. The java sauce that comes with it compliments the spices from the chicken.

We also had the chance to taste most of their desserts and for me, the Winebar 1771 Mango Tower is simply the best. As an exclamation point to the night, we were served sparkling red wine. What's great about this wine is that its taste is not that bold but you can really taste the grapes in it. The more you take a sip, the more it tastes better.

The whole experience at the Winebar 1771 is a memorable one. Ortigas may not be as high end as Makati, like what Cyrus Cruz said, but it definitely deserves a fine dining restaurant like this one.

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rftreyes Definitely one of the best restaurants in the Ortigas area. Great food and wine selection. And loooooved the chill-house music lol

- Ray for
rovable The food really looks inviting, especially the desserts!!!
I missed this and some other invitations as well. I feel so left behind!
Looking forward to visiting this place!
More power OpenRice. You're doing a great job at inspiring food enthusiasts!
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