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Wahhh! Taksil! Manloloko! *&#@^!!!!

Haaay, what a unique way to release your anger!


Tacsiyapo! Isdaan, a sprawling restaurant complex in Gerona, Tarlac by the Ongpauco’s Barrio Fiesta group, made its finest techniques in attracting travelers to stop by their restaurant.

A lot of people are encouraged to do so because of its cheesy childish design with themed giant sculptures. Surely, everyone will remember the amusement they’d feel whenever they seei the place while heading up north, since the place is located along the national highway and covers up hefty of space.

A monstrous reptile statue at Isdaan.

If it’s your first time to pass by the place, you will mistakenly think it’s a theme park, but once you read the word ISDAAN on the main entrance, you will now ask yourself whether it is a theme park or a restaurant. We’ll it’s actually a theme park with a restaurant! Interiors, Sculptures, games with prizes, and a lot of good food to boot – all contribute to the fun.

Now enough with the introduction, and let me tell you why ISDAAN is a must-see and must-dine in the melting pot of Luzon.

Doesn't he look familiar?

Entering the restaurant, you will notice a guard sitting in the hallway reading a newspaper – no need to get upset if he doesn’t warmly welcome you because ‘he’ is just an effigy. Yes, there are lots of statues placed strategically in the whole place for all to see, adding more attraction since these represent well-known personalities like the late President Cory Aquino, Pope John Paul, Ninoy Aquino, and Joseph Estrada. Soon, you will find yourself taking snapshots with your camera.

Isdaan-Giant Buddha
A giant Buddha statue, just one of the many attractions in Isdaan.

The floating restaurant has also a large fish pond, Asian-themed interiors complete with giant Buddha statues, Balinese designed huts, and giant urinating/spitting monkeys. They also have their own San Kilo Bridge which would win you a free kilo of tilapia, if you are able to successfully cross it.

Avoid these spitting monkeys and win a kilo of tilapia.

The food is as good as Barrio Fiesta's. They serve the sinigang soup in bamboo container, dishes dressed up in banana leaves and rice and placed in a small kaldero. You can also order refreshing coconuts and other fruit juices. The dishes are reasonably priced. Musikeros are there to serenade you with local songs while waiting for your order, showing how hospitable the Filipinos are with their guests. So ISDAAN is certainly a good stop for Filipino food if you have balikbayans with you.


Lastly, you shouldn’t miss the highlight of the place, the Tacsiyapo Wall. If for some reason you are upset or need to let out some steam, one sure way to release your anger is to throw away the mug and other items you have chosen on the wall (select from plates, glasses, or electric fans, etc.) while shouting “TACSIYAPO!” Best time to do it is in the evening when it’s a little cooler. ISDAAN is unlike any other restaurant when you look at its Filipino festive ambiance, dishes and the Tacsiyapo Wall. Now add the lively fishes swimming freely around your dining kubo plus the amiable crew and staff satisfactorily attending your needs, a meal here is precisely a good treat for everyone!

The Tacsiyapo Wall, great for letting out steam.

My decree? A double ‘yes’ for the food, triple ‘yes’ for the place and definitely one big ‘wow’ with the experience!

- Emerson B. Baun

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