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Other Promos
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  • 1. This promo is not in conjunction with other OpenRice promos.
    • • Entries from this promo will not be counted in other OpenRice promos during the
        same promo period.
  • 2. Reviews from all Eat's a Date events held by OpenRice will not be counted on this
  • 3. Failure to follow the promo mechanics may not be qualified for the promo.
  • 4. Only quality reviews are qualified for the promo. Reviews without photos may be approved
         will not be considered as qualified entries for the promo.
    • • All entries will be reviewed and approved by OpenRice editor.
    • • Entries with vulgar or too offensive words are automatically disqualified.
    • • Upon discovery that false information, cheating and/or plagiarized reviews have been
          provided by the member, OpenRice.com reserves the right to disqualify the entry
          and/or the member.
  • 5. In case of any dispute arising out of this promotion, the decision of OpenRice.com shall be
        final. OpenRice reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior
  • 6. Winners will be notified via email on how and when to claim their prizes.
  • 7. Unclaimed prizes within the given schedule stated in the email notification by OpenRice
        marketing will be forfeited. No extension of deadlines.
  • 8. No special deliveries of prizes.
  • 9. No fees or any payments to qualify for the promo.